Monday Trivia #100 [Johanna Hanley Wins!]

In terms of pure numbers, Texas has the most, followed by Florida, California, Georgia, Ohio, Alabama, Louisiana, Virginia, Illinois, and North Carolina to round out the top ten.

By a different, per-something, measure, Florida is on top, followed by Georgia, Utah, Hawaii, Louisiana, Alabama, Maryland, Ohio, Virginia, Oklahoma, and Arizona are the top ten.

Vermont, Alaska, North Dakota, New Hampshire, Maine, and Montana have none. Wyoming, Rhode Island, and South Dakota have one.

Will Truman

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        • Awed that you not only won, but won on a football question.


          I’m forever and always totally stumped by these questions. Not even a clue how to begin analyzing them. If you want to share secrets of unlocking them, I’d be much obliged.

          • zic,

            The first, unofficial, date J0hanna and I had was to a college basketball game. And the first summer we were together we spent day after day hanging out in an Irish bar in San Francisco to watch the World Cup. And she usually has a better idea of what teams are ranked where than I do.

            But even I’m a bit surprised she was looking at college football recruiting stats. Even I don’t bother to do that.

      • Biggest surprise to me on that list is how much Maryland punches above its weight.

  1. Having won a couple of times, I feel entitled to comment. I can’t speak for others, but as for me, I have no real idea how I do it.

    I’ve mentioned before the “little voice in the back of my head that runs the filing department.” Most of the larger successes I enjoyed while I was doing a career in high tech were due to seeing patterns and/or trends that others missed. I give the little voice credit for those, also. I tried to read broadly within the field, talk to plenty of experts and non-experts, and just threw all the data over the wall to the filing department. Somehow the little voice sorted it out, organized it, and when I really needed an answer, volunteered one. Or at least volunteered a valuable clue that could be turned into an answer with a bunch of hard work.

    I know that sounds at least a little crazy. I no longer mind when people call it that. As my sister used to say about me, “Yes, it’s probably a mental illness; but it’s a useful mental illness.”

      • Awesome.

        I have a very loud ‘little voice.’ But it’s gone mute when it comes to the Monday Trivia challenge.

  2. Where did NJ rank? For a long time, the state mantra has been that Rutgers would be a national title contender if we kept our local talent in-state. It seemed like we often produced stars whose fame came elsewhere… never in the Garden State. Not seeing us appear on either of the top lists makes me wander if we were deluding ourselves a bit and/or if NJ high school football ain’t what it used to be.

  3. Actually on this one I had recently read about recruiting out of curiosity of where my favorite team was placed and the states really seemed to line up, I checked to see if my hunch was indeed correct and that is how I found the answer. I admit most of these stump me and I’ve only won a few. Curiously, who has gotten the most correct trivia answers?

  4. Contest was over before I even saw the question. Congrats Johanna!

    • Early bird gets the worm, eh?

      But seriously, tt probably would have taken me days to figure this one out, if I ever would have.

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