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  1. Percentage of students who attend college out of state

  2. Wednesday Hint: Lighter is better here, generally speaking, people across the political aisle would generally agree.

  3. Per-capita payments on state government debt (e.g., interest and principal repayment on state-guaranteed bonds). Which seems like it would correspond very closely with per-capita share of state government debt.

    • Ding ding ding. Sorry, Burt, I missed this. It’s actually the latter. Per-capita share of state debt. Alaska is a puzzling one. They weren’t on my source. Unfunded pension liabilities for Alaska were absolutely staggering. In 2011, they had more unfunded liabilities than any other state. Like, 57% more than Illinois, which was #2. I said Alaska and Hawaii were darker red based on this, which places both in the top five of just about every category.

      • Cool! Johanna got there first but I still feel like I accomplished something.

        As for the running total, do I award credit on the running total to Johanna or myself?

        • I am inclined to give it to Johanna, I’m afraid. Not that you or I will ever have a lot of points because we’re ineligible for half of the questions.

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