Monday Trivia No. 114 [Mo wins! Assist to Mark Thompson]

The top twenty are:

France (44); Canada (40); Germany (33); Mexico (32); United Kingdom (30); Italy (28); Russia and the Holy See (tied at 19 each); Japan (18); Egypt and South Korea (tied at 16 each); Belgium (14); Brazil (13); Poland (11); Panama and the People’s Republic of China (tied at 10 each); Ireland, Israel, Spain, and Switzerland (tied at 9 each).

Burt Likko

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  1. Number of visits by Rick Steves? 🙂

    More seriously, I want to say it has something to do with the number of official state visits or dinners held in some time period.

  2. Official Presidential visits? I definitely get the sense that it’s got to be something tied to diplomatic relations.

  3. Number of visit by Clinton as Secretary of State?

  4. Number of official visits by the head of state to the US.

  5. Number of individuals to have held the post of ambassador to the country.

  6. Mark is in the inner ring with his first answer; someone who was not being persnickety about protocol would say he got it. If the criteria were “official Presidential visits” the numbers would be very similar but slightly different.

    • Actual number of times POTUS visited a country, officially or unofficially.

      • That is the precisely correct answer. There’s a fair number of unofficial, non-state visits on the list, particularly by FDR to allies during WWII.

  7. I was wondering how to phrase something like “number of presidents who have visited country”… which would easily be “all of them” for France… but I’m surprised to see “only” 40 visits to Canada (IT’S RIGHT THERE) and so very few for Great Britain.

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