A Lack of Cooperation

So Clancy and I are looking for places to live in Queenland. Stonebridge, where the job is, has a limited number of units available to rent. And it’s expensive. I want to save her from a commute, though. So we’ve had to decide whether to get a larger and/or more affordable place out of town, or live in town in a smaller and/or more expensive place.

That was, until an ad popped up on a mobile home. I was immediately interested. Clancy, however, was skeptical. She had two concerns. First, the mobile home was in a trailer park and that created some concerns about the neighbors. Second, tornadoes.

Wouldn’t you know it, though, very shortly after having discussed this, we had an intruder. Heightening our sense of insecurity despite living two blocks from the sheriff’s office and in a generally better neighborhood than we lived in before.

And then, of course, another round of tornadoes hit Oklahoma.

So it’s pretty clear that our inebriated intruder and Mother Nature are conspiring against my designs on that mobile home.

Will Truman

Will Truman is the Editor-in-Chief of Ordinary Times. He is also on Twitter.


  1. I’m sure you choose fictional names because you feel they have the right connotations, but “Queenland” keeps making me think you’ve moved to Australia.

    • I dropped the “s” from Queensland for that reason. I’ll have to start saying “(not to be confused with Queensland, Australia)” until people get used to it.

      Also confusing was when I had Tennassee, not to be confused with Tennessee…

  2. Just hope the tornadoes don’t start drinking.

    How legitimate do you think Clancy’s concerns are about neighbors in trailer parks? Is she worried about safety? Crime? Cultural differences? Something else?

    • Maybe Lain will be recruited by The Star League to defend The Frontier against Xur and the Ko-Dan Armada.

    • A disproportionate number of her patients here in Callie that she considers to be “bad news” live in one of the two trailer parks. That’s mostly where she’s coming from. Since we’ll be renting cross-country, we won’t be able to inspect the park to see how nice it is or isn’t.

  3. My understanding is mobile homes and winter do not mix well.

    Regarding your other options, closer but smaller should theoretically beat larger but farther at any given price level. (Then again, you might have limited choices. I’d be happy if our house had half the square feet it does.)

  4. The problem with trailer parks is likely to mimic the problem with My First Apartment. My First Apartment was $300/month. It wasn’t *HUGE*, but it wasn’t bad, and we had a front room that allowed us to have guests and be pleased to have them.

    The problem with the apartment was that it was part of a complex filled with people who could only afford $300/month apartments. Sadly, I’m not talking about “newlywed could only afford $300/month” or “college student could only afford $300/month”, either. I’m mostly talking about “drug dealer barely competent enough to scrape together $300/month”.

    In a trailer park, you’re likely to say “Holy cow, this trailer is awesome! Look at this kitchen counter! It wraps around! Look at this family room! It’s huge! Look at this master bedroom! Look at the kiddo’s bedroom! What a great place for such an affordable price!!!”

    And then you’ll see that you will be surrounded by people who also find the park affordable. If you are lucky, they will be “college students find it affordable” or “newlyweds find it affordable” people.

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