Lameo Likko in Chicago

So Mrs. Likko and I are in Chicago. And I feel SUPER lame. On the one hand, we’ve already had some great food. If you follow my Yelp account you’ll see where we were. (Same name as my pseudonym.)

But man. After staying at my grandmother’s and gardening for her and a lot of driving around rural Wisconsin and suburban Milwaukee, and eating all that dairy food “up nort,” we are exhausted. We went out to the Navy Pier because that’s what tourists do and I got vertigo on the Ferris wheel. That’s never happened to me before.

I feel energized from the big city on the one hand, but nearly a solid week of family and driving on the other, along with a lot of food and wine, here it is at 8:30 in one of America’s truly great cities and we are crashing in out hotel room. A part. Of me wants to send out a broadcast to any other Leaguefesters who might be around to get a drink — but my goodness, are we tired. And lame.

Burt Likko

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  1. Is Lameo your wife, or do you mean Lame-o?

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