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Futlity of Protest

The End of Protest

Marching and chanting have lost the power to move the needle. There are exceptions of course, but I contend that protest has an ever diminishing power to move us. With a few caveats (border policy on children for example) It’s hard to point to any policy changes that are a direct result of a protest movement in the last 5 years, in spite of record setting rallies and marches.

Rick Wilson's 300 Page Diary Entry

Rick Wilson’s 300 Page Diary Entry

If you are a Dem, liberal, progressive, or a conservative who thinks Trump is awful, Rick Wilson’s “Everything Trump Touches Dies” will reinforce and harden your views. It’s shock jock entertainment in written form. But other than a fan-fiction vignette with Ivanka and a weird homo-erotic fantasy involving Trump and Sean Hannity, there is nothing new here.