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Stupid Tuesday questions, Whiskey Blue edition

“Why didn’t you ask the concierge?!??!?” Picture a scene: two pleasant gentlemen stroll the sidewalks of midtown Manhattan.  Newlyweds (of a kind), they have come to the City in search of amusement and rest.  Walking now, they seek a decent place to get a bite to eat. The scene repeats itself.  It happens in the evening.  It happens at midday.  Thrice the scene repeats. Their garments vary.  The direction of their wandering varies. Constant, however, is one’s refrain.  It is […]

An open letter to my friends at the New York Guggenheim

Dear chums – Congratulations are in order!  You good people have accomplished something I would heretofore have considered impossible.  Indeed, such is the magnitude of your achievement that I feel compelled to laud it publicly. You have made me miss Matthew Barney. Let me explain. This past week, the Better Half and I traveled to New York for a very short mini-honeymoon of sorts.  Much of our time was occupied on what any right-thinking parents of small children would do […]

Once more, with feeling

Perhaps I may be indulged if I were to post once more about marriage equality and my own wedding?  After this I’ll move on to something else to talk about.  (I promise.) So the Better Half and I got married this past weekend.  Again.  To each other.  Without any interruption in our relationship in the intervening years. The first time was almost exactly eight years before the second time.  (Many guests at our recent celebration joked that they will pencil […]

Slightly tardy Tuesday questions, inconceivable edition

This week’s Question comes to you courtesy of NewDealer.  Take it away, amigo: “I have two Tuesday question submissions that come from a reoccurring theme in my life. I am not a fan of the Princess Bride. I think it is a cute enough movie but this still causes a ton of gasps and shock and awe because it is apparently the best movie ever made (to seemingly everyone in the universe except me). This often gets people to tell […]

Thank you, random stranger

I would never have thought to call myself a stay-at-home dad. First of all, to me that implies (fairly or unfairly, accurately or not) a man who takes care of his kids rather than working outside the home.  I have a full-time job.  However, one of the many things I loved about my current job and a major selling point when I took it was how very flexible my employer was about hours and working around his employees’ family needs.  […]

Equality is beautiful

Despite having lived in New York City for several years by that point, I had never attended the Pride parade.  The reasons why I hadn’t in any given year escape me now, along with all the other irrelevant details of my life.  But that year I decided to go because the Supreme Court had just handed down its decision in Lawrence vs Texas, and I figured “If not this year, when?” Plus, I was getting over the demise of one […]

Stupid Tuesday questions, “White” edition

I am fond of Julie Delpy. I have, of course, never met Julie Delpy.  I have never been to France (more’s the pity) and life has sadly not afforded me opportunities to meet glamorous French actresses any more than American ones.  For all I know, Julie Delpy may be utterly horrid in real life. But I doubt it.  She has always seemed so sane and lovely in interviews.  She radiates intelligence and a sense of humor about herself.  If she’s […]

Nobody this ignorant should be making laws anywhere

I usually avoid commenting on the stupid things people say when crafting laws at the state level.  It seems like a cheap way of making snarky comments when someone in a state legislature says something dumb and everyone across the country gets to cover their mouths and titter. But as God is my witness, I cannot help myself right now.  From Texas (via TPM): One Texas GOP state representative is apparently confused about what “rape kits” are used for. While the […]

I know I am going to regret this

First of all, enough already with the breathless coverage of Edward Snowden’s location.  Really.  Enough.  As much as everyone would like life to resemble a Robert Ludlum novel, it so rarely does.  Unless there is something innately newsworthy in his absence from a plane, I don’t need to know which vaguely hostile nation is harboring him at any given time. So I know I am totally asking for it by saying this, but maybe we can all take a moment […]