Google Bleg

I know Freddie thinks Google wants to eat our souls (along with that nefarious Steve Jobs) but I kind of like the monolithic software company, personally.  Lately I’ve really grown attached to Google Chrome.  It’s fast, and much more responsive/intuitive than Firefox or IE.  However, I am not able to run it on my Mac yet, sadly.  Anyone know anything about Chrome for Mac?  Also, does anyone have access to Google Wave?  If so, would you mind sending me an invite?

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  1. I don’t have any real use for Google Wave at the moment. It would be great for work since all of my coworkers live in other states but my company is hopelessly slow in adopting new technologies like this (we just upgraded to Windows XP last month).

    What I will say is that I am unashamedly a huge Google fan. I use Gmail, myself and the wife and kids all have our Google Calendars linked so we can keep each other updated on events, homework, etc. I use Google Reader to follow 50 blogs or so. I use Google Docs to help my oldest daughter with school papers when she’s staying at her mother’s. I really like the way everything works together in a seamless fashion. I just need to make the commitment to Google Chrome and give it an honest try for awhile.

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