Some Reminders

We have a fundraiser going on. Bid on a Veepstakes Group now while the bidding is good! We’ve already got enough pledges to double your money if you win, and the funds are going to a good cause: keeping this website active!

When is the right time to make arrangements to attend Leaguefest IV in the ultra-fantastic city of Portland, Oregon, scheduled for July 29-31, 2016? Now is the right time.

If you’re going to do some shopping at Amazon anyway, help us out, and start your shopping excursion at an Ordinary Times link.

Keep your eye on our satellite project, Blinded Trials II, featuring three distinguished, distinctive, and engaging writers who have graced the pages of Ordinary Times in the not-so-distant past.

I’m taking suggestions for music to put in rotation on the sidebar musical feature. While I’m particularly taken with Band of Skulls, I’m personally interested in stretching my own tastes into genres I might not ordinarily seek out: country, jazz, contemporary hip-hop, and global sounds.

If you like something you read here, please liberally tweet and facebook links to it! That’s what the twitter and facebook icons on top of the webpage are for.

I’m also pleased to announce that since implementation of the comments flagging function, not a single comment has received enough flags to warrant editorial attention. Good job, I’m proud of you all!

Thank you all for your continued support.

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4 thoughts on “Some Reminders

  1. I wasn’t sure how to use the Amazon link or what it does. Do I just click on it and buy things, and then OT gets a little bit of money?

    As far as donating, is there a link to donate to? I’m not too into the veepstakes game.

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