Leaguefest 2016 Reminder

If you haven’t already made your plans to do so, any you have the ability, please consider coming to Leaguefest 2016. We will be meeting up, in person, in Portland, Oregon, from July 29 to July 31. Editor Emeritus Tod Kelly has offered up his hometown and all its great food, culture, beer, books, and scenery for our collective enjoyment. And you’ll get a chance to meet up with many of our writers, editors, and commenters in person.

We hope to see you in Portland.

Image by jeffgunn Leaguefest 2016 Reminder

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7 thoughts on “Leaguefest 2016 Reminder

  1. I am very sad to say that due to family issues I am not going to be able to make it. My father took a spill the other day, and I am going to have to go out that way and spend some time with him. Which is good, but it will cut into the Portland trip.

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