Find a new conceit for your columns!

Here’s an original idea: take California’s liberal, high-tax model and contrast it with Texas’s low-tax approach. Aside from The Economist, Newt Gingrich, and The New York Times’ op-ed page, no one else has thought to highlight this incisive comparison! The best part? The op-ed ” . . . is adapted from the autumn 2009 issue of City Journal.” So the author is regurgitating another article that makes the exact same argument we’ve been hearing since the summer.


I cringe when papers like The Los Angeles Times lay off experienced beat reporters, but I won’t shed too many tears if the blogosphere renders its op-ed pages irrelevant.

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5 thoughts on “Find a new conceit for your columns!

  1. You mean Mr. Voegli and his editors should behave as if the readership of the Los Angeles Times subscribes to City Journal? City Journal is a wonk publication issued by the Manhattan Institute and likely has a circulation in the low five figures. Its articles tend to be somewhat less distilled than the typical op-ed piece as well.

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  2. Are you telling me that Mr. Voegeli undertake a literature survey before every utterance he makes, or that Mr. Voegeli (and whomever else) can be assumed to make no modest and worthwhile variations on common themes? Would you apply this standard to yourself? (And why does the Manhattan Institute qualify as a ‘wingnut welfare circuit’?)

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