Veepstakes: And The Winner Is Ordinary Times

So Trump went off the board (well, our board, anyway) and picked Indiana Governor Mike Pence as his running mate.

Yeah, it's this guy!

Yeah, it’s this guy! I told you I’d get the best people. The BEST!

Why wasn’t Pence on the list?

Well, for one, I put the list together the day after the Indiana primary, which was May 3, nearly ten weeks ago.

At the time, Pence had just endorsed Ted Cruz.

Pence is pretty pro-free trade (specifically pro-TPP), where Trump is basically a protectionist (specifically anti-TPP).

Trump doesn’t really need anyone’s help to win Indiana, and Pence looked like he would not have been all that much help keeping it in the GOP column anyway as he is not dominantly popular in his own state.

And most of all, Pence had gone on record (in Donald Trump’s favorite forum, natch) about one of Trump’s core campaign platforms:

So it seemed to me at the time that Pence was not  a likely choice. But, ten weeks is a long time in politics. Here we are, now to be graced with one of the ugliest, clunkiest, most corporate-looking campaign logos since, well, Hillary Clinton’s:

tRUMPHAT6Final Pledge ListAnyway, on to the site’s business. Thank you, everyone, for playing and for your generous pledges. The time has come to collect them.

Per our original rules, 100% of pledges will go to the Ordinary Times operating fund.

Please send your pledges to me, by PayPal, burtlikko [at] gmail.

Here is the final pledge list. Several others made pledges or expressed desires to contribute to defray operating costs notwithstanding the contest, and we thank you, as well.

Thank you all again for your pledges and contributions; you’re helping keep the lights on around here.

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32 thoughts on “Veepstakes: And The Winner Is Ordinary Times

  1. Any chance of one of those lil Paypal tabs Eric or Rtod used? I don’t have a paypal account and I’ve always been able to just chuck it on the card before but a cursory review of the website keeps inveigling me to sign up.

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  2. …They actually made their campaign icon say TP? They couldn’t foresee the obvious jokes that set them up for?

    It’s no Conservative Reform Alliance Party, but it’s in the same ballpark.

    EDIT: Oh, I see other people already noticed this.

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  3. Donations now received from , , , , , and . Thank you all!

    If you’re not on that list and pledged, we can certainly wait for your next payday to roll around.

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