Worse Than Terrorism?

Rep. Virginia Foxx thinks that the health care bill is “worse than terrorism“:

I’m not sure how the health care bill qualifies as or is worse than violence in service of a particular political agenda, but I don’t have Rep. Foxx’s expertise in bizarre analogies, so I can’t say for certain. If we’re comparing lives lost however, it is simply the case that the health care status quo is magnitudes worse than 9/11. In fact, if you were to total up the number of Americans killed in terrorist attacks over the past thirty years, it would pale in comparison to the number of Americans (45,000 in case you were wondering) who died for lack of access to health care.

But, of course, who am I to let that get in the way of some good old-fashioned demagoguery!

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5 thoughts on “Worse Than Terrorism?

    • Let’s not engage in relativism here. I just lost 4 minutes of my life listening to that bat and her rantings. She opposed aid to the Katrina victims, voted against the Voting Rights Act extension, called Matthew Shepherd a criminal, and now bitches incoherently about poor and sick people having health insurance.

      Grayson’s a dick, but he’s hardly going after poor people, sick people, non-white people and gay people. Using your power to attack Wall Street, Defense Contractors and Health Insurance companies, well if he wasn’t a Democrat and a Jew, he’d be lauded by Republicans.

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