Shooting at Ft. Hood Army Base

The numbers of dead and wounded are different according to the source, but it looks like American soldiers opened fire on other soldiers at a Texas Army base.  According to the New York Times:

At least one gunman killed 12 people and wounded 31 in a shooting on Thursday afternoon at Fort Hood in Texas. Military police killed one shooter, who had two guns, and at least two soldiers are in custody.

General Cone said the shooting began at about 1:30 p.m. Central time, when a soldier entered the soldier readiness unit, where soldiers receive last-minute medical attention before being shipped overseas, including to Iraq and Afghanistan.

“A solder opened fire, and due to the quick response of the police forces, he was killed,” General Cone said.

“There were several eyewitness accounts that there was more than one shooter,” he said. Two other soldiers were also taken into custody, he said, but the authorities are continuing to sort out what exactly happened.

President Obama has responded to the event.  At the moment nobody seems to know what happened.  Either way it’s tragic and horrifying.

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2 thoughts on “Shooting at Ft. Hood Army Base

  1. Oh, my goodness… I hope the “had accomplices” is one of those things that turns out to not be true and this was just a random tragedy rather than one that had planning and resources devoted to it.

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