I went 7-7-1 last week.  Perfectly average!  That means no matter what you did — take my advice or not — you came out the same.  That is the kind of guarantee I can deliver.

Here are the Week 2 picks, lines as of Saturday morning…

Lions (-6) vs Titans

Just a hunch on this one.  I don’t have a strong feeling on either team.  Stafford looked good spreading the ball around, and I doubt the Titans offer much more resistance than the Colts.

Chiefs (+2.5) @ Texans

This line is creeping up after opening at pick’em.  I’d feel much more comfortable at 3, but I’ll take the Chiefs even with the injuries.

Dolphins (+6.5) @ Patriots

Jimmy G looked good with a very well-designed game plan.  On the other side, the Dolphins played the Seahawks hard on the road.  I think the Pats take the game but that the Fish will be able to keep it close enough for a cover.

Browns (+6) vs Ravens

The Browns are bad but might actually be better with McGown than RGIII.  At least the RGIII we saw last week.  I think this is an ugly, low scoring game which allows the Browns to stay close enough.

Bengals (+3.5) @ Steelers

The game of the week!  This is going to be a slugfest.  If Pittsburgh had their full complement of weapons, I’d take them.  Even without, their offense is insane.  But the Bengals bring in a top defense and I think that half point over the field goal is enough for me.

Cowboys (+3) @ Washington

When in doubt, take the points.  Maybe Dak actually throws it to Dez this time.

Saints (+4.5) @ Giants

Every time the Giants make you think they’re good, they go and do something dumb.  I think this is that time.  Even though I don’t think beating a Romo-less Cowboys qualifies as all that good.  What scares me is ODB going against a secondary that I could probably start for.  Breaking 200 yards with multiple touchdowns wouldn’t shock me.

49ers (+13.5) @ Panthers

Everything says take the Panthers: they’re home, they’re better, they’re coming off an extended rest while the Niners have a short week, west coast team playing the early game on the east coast.  And yet… that is A LOT of points.  I think the Niners keep it close enough through a much-better-than-expected run game.

Cardinals (-7) vs Bucs

The Cards recover from a disappointing week-1 loss and get themselves going.  Johnson has a field day running against a bad Bucs defense.

Raiders (-5) vs Atlanta

The Raiders are good.  Not great.  Good.  Atlanta is bad.  ‘Nuff said.

Seahawks (-6.5) @ Rams

Holy crap the Rams are bad.  Good news though… they gave Jeff Fisher an extension!  Maybe they’d rather be mocked for that decision than how they look on the field?

Broncos (-6) vs Colts

Luck looked great against the Lions.  Maybe I declared him post-peak a little early last week.  That said, the Colts defense is putrid.  I think the Broncos defense can slow luck enough that the offense can roll.

Chargers (-3) vs Jaguars

Ugh.  I hate this game.  Screw it.

Jaguars (+3) vs Chargers

There… not much better at all.

Packers (-2.5) @ Vikings

Color me unconvinced on the Vikings.  I don’t think Bradford — if he even starts — makes any difference whatsoever.

Bears (-3) vs Eagles

The Eagles corners are going to have trouble slowing the passing attack.

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5 thoughts on “Picks!

  1. The local NCAA Div. III college managed to maintain its unbroken streak lasting over two years by losing yesterday 13-42. I briefly pulled up their surprisingly not-totally sucky video feed during the third quarter, just in time to see their opponents score on a 40+ yard draw play up the middle. In fairness, sort of, the based on the commentary the other side had immediately prior to that picked up four yards on a fake punt play on fourth and two, and the defense didn’t have time to reset itself.

    You know its bad when the commentators start talking about the advantage of getting to see your third string guys play in an actual game, because you know, some players who don’t look great in practice will shine in actual game situations, and even three weeks in every starting position is still up for grabs.

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  2. Taking the Seahawks, as I don’t think homefield will help the Rams. Maybe too hopeful, but sometimes you gotta be positive.

    On the plus side, my beloved Cougars beat up on the Idaho Vandals yesterday, so I got that going for me. Which is nice.

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