Friedman Redivivius

The old (and good) Tom Friedman was on display in yesterday’s op-ed. The guy who knows and can communicate The Middle East.  Key quote:

Today, the Arabs, Israel and the Palestinians are clearly not feeling enough pain to do anything hard for peace with each other — a mood best summed up by a phrase making the rounds at the State Department: The Palestinian leadership “wants a deal with Israel without any negotiations” and Israel’s leadership “wants negotiations with the Palestinians without any deal.”

He recommends leaving behind the facade of a Peace Process.  I agree from the perspective of the White Housem which is only subsidizing this farce.  But that leaves me thinking that Israel will continue to head towards a police/apartheid occupier state that risks a slow-motion cleanse of the Palestians, which is an awful outcomes.  Friedman’s hope is that eventually the inevitable pain will prompt both sides to deal.  I think perhaps it will take an Iranian nuclear weapon to bring Israel to the bargaining table.

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One thought on “Friedman Redivivius

  1. I think you’re right. When I hear so many commentators suggest that the long-term options are a two-state solution or the end of Israel, I think they’re massively underestimating Israel’s political and military strength. The options are a two-state solution or the removal and/or death of the remaining Palestinians. And the Palestinians only see the latter as a likely option – why do you think they’re fighting so much?

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