After a perfect coin flip opening week, I went ahead with a three-sided coin flip week 2, finishing 5-10.  Hey… if you want to lose money, at least you can do it for free with me!

This is the point in the year where, theoretically, we start to figure things out.  Theoretically.  But just like the theory of evolution, I’m likely to prove this false.

Here goes…

(All lines current as of Sunday morning.)

Broncos (+3.5) @ Bengals

There is a good chance the Bengals peaked last year (well, before Dalton’s injury at least).  These are two top ten teams and today will go along way towards telling us if they’re both closer to the middle of that group or if the Broncos are closer to the top while the Bengals are closer to the bottom.  I think the latter scenario is more likely the real one.

Raiders (-1) @ Titans

A road favorite traveling east for an early game?  WHY NOT?!

Cardinals (-4) @ Bills

See above!  The Bills stink and Rex Ryan is a terrible coach.  I doubt he lasts past next week’s lost to a Winnie the Pooh-led Patriots team.

Jaguars (+1) vs Ravens

The Ravens are 2-0.  The Jaguars are 0-2.  And the former can’t give more than a point?  Both these teams are bad.  The Ravens are probably better but they barely beat the Browns.

Browns (+9.5) @ Miami

I think the Browns might be better off starting the Ohio State offense than their own.  That said, Miami isn’t much better.

Washington (+3) @ Giants

Despite starting 2-0, the Giants haven’t impressed much.  Their defense looks improved but failing to score an offensive touchdown against the Saints is… sad.  I don’t think Washington is very good — and Kirk Cousins looks like a flop — but this feels like an ugly game so take the points.

Lions (+7) @ Packers

The Packers look lost.  I think they win but in a close one.

Vikings (+7) @ Panthers

ADP being out is a big hit.  But I think the Vikings defense is enough to keep the game in reach against a good-but-probably-not-great Panthers team.  Today will go along way towards sorting out the top of the NFC.

49ers (+9.5) @ Seahawks.

The Seahawks are a hot mess on offense right now.  They couldn’t block me rushing the passer.  I think they start to get back on track but I don’t see a blowout until they address the O-line issues.

Pittsburgh (-3.5) @ Eagles

I think the Eagles are going to surprise us this year… more than they already have.  Wentz looks like the real deal… at least as far as rookie QBs go.  And not just because he has won and has rather gaudy numbers but because he is doing a lot of the right things.  It is right process AND right product.  That said, Pittsburgh is REALLY good and I’m not sure the Eagles have anyone who can even pretend to cover Antonio Brown.

Jets (+3) @ Chiefs

The winner of this game is a legit contender for the playoffs.  The loser is more likely a pretender.  Tough spot for the Chiefs given their injuries but dems da breaks.

Chargers (+1.5) @ Colts

Ugh.  I hate this game.  Why do I feel like I say that about every game involving the Chargers?  They’re a hard team to predict.  So are the Colts.  Take the (meager) points.  (If you can still find this at +3, jump on it.)

Bears (+6) @ Cowboys

Cutler being out hurts but last I checked the Cowboys are still starting Dak.

Saints (-2.5) vs Falcons

[Visions of Julio Jones scoring 9 touchdowns.]

Screw it…

Falcons (+2.5) @ Saints


Hmmm… I took alot of road teams and ‘dawgs this week.

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9 thoughts on “Picks!

        • The offensive line was mediocre.
          Christine Michael ran like the guy they drafted, rather than the guy who showed up to his first camp.
          Russell Wilson might not be made of iron.
          Jimmy Graham was useful.
          The Legion was just as bad at catching Blaine Gabbert passes as his own receivers were.
          All these were surprising.
          Drafting a backup QB with the same skill set (at a lower level) as your starter is smart.
          The second-half defense is intended to dictate the game script to run out time, not to prevent catch-up scores.
          The offensive line can’t be expected to be better than mediocre.
          None of these were surprising.

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      • Yeah, Kubiak’s change in offense was good to see. For all the talk about him running a pro-style offense, it doesn’t strike me as pro-style at all. You gotta throw it to win in the NFL. (Unless you’ve got Denver’s 2015 defense year over year.)

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  1. Excellent call on PIT-PHI, .

    Remind me again why, in my money league, I picked Roethlithsberger? Oh yeah, because Rodgers, Newton, Brees, Luck, Palmer, Wilson, Brady, Bortles, and Carr all got picked before him.

    So why didn’t I take Rivers instead?

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