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16501345480_ef01ec9787_b_mike-penceSo the #TrumpTape surfaced on Friday. Then this happened:

Indiana Gov. Mike Pence’s team kicked reporters out of the restaurant where he was eating Friday after a 2005 video emerged of his running mate, Donald Trump, making lewd and explicit remarks about women.

Pence’s traveling press pool — the rotating group of reporters and photographers who are tasked with following the Republican vice presidential candidate for the larger press corps — were “removed” from Tony Packo’s Cafe in Toledo, Ohio, after the first stories about the video hit the internet.

I tell you, those SJWs have no regard for freedom of the press.

Image by Gage Skidmore Safe Spaces

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3 thoughts on “Safe Spaces

  1. I’m glad the “removed” was in quotes, since that’s nothing like what the story actually says. They were there to shoot Pence looking at Trump’s autograph….change of plans….”Upon returning, the staffer said the pool needed to leave, specifically saying Pence would no longer be going to view the signed bun and, instead, would go directly to his campaign bus. ”

    “Removed”? Hardly. Of course the press didn’t have to comply with the request they leave. The could have stayed there.

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