Feeling sick today so no analysis, just the picks.  Because clearly that is why you are reading this…

Giants (-2.5) “@” Rams (in London)

Vikings (+3) @ Eagles

Chiefs (-6) vs Saints

Washington (+1) @ Lions

Browns (+10.5) @ Bengals

Dolphins (+2.5) vs Bills

Raiders (+2.5) @ Jaguars

Colts (+3.5) @ Titans

Ravens (+2) @ Jets

Chargers (+6) @ Falcons

49ers (-1) vs Bucs

Pats (-7) @ Steelers

Seahawks (+1) @ Cardinals

Broncos (-8) vs Texans

Maybe being unable to talk, breath, sleep, or function will help me out?

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14 thoughts on “Picks!

  1. I heard last week that only one game in the entire NFL so far this season has made it to halftime with only six points scored.

    Who would have figured that Seahawks Cardinals would make it to full time with only six points scored?

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      • It’s kind of ironic that there’s almost an inverse correlation between “willingness to accept a regular-season tie” and “schedule length” when you’d expect just the opposite.

        That might be an artifact of “schedule length” also correlating positively with “amount of physical violence allowed”. In baseball, when you get to the 18th inning, you just have goofy fun with the outfielder who pinch-hit in the 12th being stuck playing third base and some dude who pitched in college going the only four innings of his professional career. While in the NFL, in the 8th quarter, Russell Okung isn’t even bothering to pretend to block Clay Matthews anymore, and on each snap just makes a grab in his general direction – and when he misses, Matthews dislocates a body part of the emergency quarterback, since Siemian went out in the 6th and Lynch in the 7th…

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    • It’s an open question as to how much of John Schneider’s reputation devolves entirely from Russell Wilson being a mutant. A star QB starting out of the gate and locked down on a rookie salary is a once-a-decade thing (almost literally – Brady (sorta), Wilson, … – Warner and Favre I think were cheap but not locked down when they became stars). But a solid QB locked down on a rookie contract is still worth his weight in myrrh, even if he’s in his second year.

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