Morning Ed: Energy {2016.12.21.W}

Michael Le Page argues that Europe’s energy policies are a disaster.

From poop to power.

Jon Letman reports that Marshall Islanders are heading home as the island struggles with Climate Change and old fallout.

A glimpse on attempts to innovate wind power.

North Dakota may be seeing an oil recovery, but it may really need a pipeline

Stupid fish. Ruin everything.

Russia, fresh on the heels of its Climate Change victory, looks at what all it did with that nuclear waste.

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15 thoughts on “Morning Ed: Energy {2016.12.21.W}

  1. Igor Kudrik of the Norwegian environmental group Bellona says there is even a risk that corrosion could trigger a nuclear chain reaction, in the worst-case scenario

    I would normally say, ‘no, that’s impossible’ – geometry precludes most nuclear designs from going spontaneously critical – but with the Ruskies who knows. They loved them some positive reactivity incursions en route to shut down. (i.e. Chernobyl)

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  2. Man, I hate being right all the time:
    The Long-Term Jobs Killer Is Not China. It’s Automation.

    Over time, automation has generally had a happy ending: As it has displaced jobs, it has created new ones. But some experts are beginning to worry that this time could be different. Even as the economy has improved, jobs and wages for a large segment of workers — particularly men without college degrees doing manual labor — have not recovered.

    If technology can churn out a superabundance of wealth far beyond human need or capacity to consume it, who owns the technology, and why?

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  3. Toshiba appears to be in “cascading failure mode” as they have to take more big write-offs in their various operations. In particular, estimates for the write-off at their Westinghouse nuclear subsidiary are running as high as $5.4B. The question of whether Toshiba/Westinghouse will remain a going concern that can actually build the reactors for power stations under construction in Georgia and South Carolina is no longer silly.

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