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I restarted my playthrough of Wasteland 2 and realized that there were two reasons I quit playing last time:

1. The slowdown from my ancient video card
2. The fight where I kept dying because my ammo was way too low as were my percentages to hit and I didn’t have enough speed to get next to the guys with a melee weapon

So I said “well… let’s try a trainer.”

Found the tutorial online on how to tweak your stats and tweak your skills and it was as easy as editing some XML and, next thing you know, I’m starting over from the beginning with people who have 8s in everything.

And the game just *SINGS* now. I’m able to pay attention to the writing, I’m remembering all of these little things that happened in the original Wasteland, I’m not reloading after I die while thinking “maybe if I come around from the other angle…” for the third time in a row.

Granted, it’s a lot more like an interactive story at this point than a tactical exercise… but that can be fun too.

It actually makes me wonder how many games have to rely on the whole “grinding” thing as part of the game.

Which makes me wonder whether a game not being fun if you can go through with a fully decked out character shouldn’t be seen as an indictment of the game design in the first place or whether I’m just coming up with a justification for myself for, technically, cheating.

So… what are you playing?

(Picture is HG Wells playing a war game from Illustrated London News (25 January 1913))

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8 thoughts on “Saturday!

  1. I finished Tides of Numinera earlier in the week. The plot was OK, but the game ended very abrupltly. What really redeemed it for me though was the setting – it was so interesting wandering around in that world.

    I’ve started Mass Effect Andromeda, but tis probably a little early for me to have a firm opinion on it yet.

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        Since Shepard isn’t in Andromeda you don’t have to worry about the fact you can’t transfer your character over at least.

        I’m distressed to hear that Torment ended abruptly

        The end itself developed enough, but the game shifts into the endgame too abruptly IMO. And you don’t get the explanation of what precisely is going on until too late in the game.

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  2. Fallout 3 is fairly permissive with regards to gathering stuff and attributes, New Vegas even more so. It’s the reason they gave a hardcore setting to New Vegas, right, for the people that missed the grind and thought they were too powerful at the beginning?

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  3. Last game I was playing was a grinder until I looked up how to edit the save file and boost my cash levels.

    Made the game much more enjoyable, actually.

    I will add that game producers really need to invest in voice actors & good copy editing. The story was good, but the dialog & narration were stilted, and the voice acting during cutscenes had me wondering if they just grabbed some developers with cool voices and had them do it.

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    • Oscar,
      My friend who does game development does occasionally do cool voices (guild of Dungeoneering). Costs a mint to get him to do anything, though.

      I mentioned a week or two back about the guy whose voicework got him on Penny Dreadful… (so people are actually hiring quality actors these days, even for your quasi-indie things).

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  4. Playing Fallout 4 still……

    I’d forgotten what a major time since these games were. I spent one day….DAY, getting Mccready to “love” me to get his perk. Now I’m working on Piper. I must say, she looks fetching in combat armor and underwear. Sadly, it affords too little protection so I’m going for mechanic’s jumpsuit until I can find a more suitable outfit. God, Bethesda needs to code some sexier outfits. Oh, and why can’t we have sex scenes like they have in Witcher huh? I’m also in the process of kitting out my “home place” house in Diamond City.

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