The Height of Disingenuity

As some of you know, Sen. Grassley has put forth an amendment to prevent a proposed panel on criminal justice reform from engaging in any discussion regarding the propriety of decriminalization or legalization of any drugs.  Jacob Sullum (h/t: Popehat) notes Grassley’s mind-boggling rationale for this amendment, which is summed up with this sentence: “I filed this amendment in an effort to start a debate on this important issue.” 

In other words, Sen. Grassley’s amendment to prohibit discussion of decriminalization or legalization is, in fact, an extraordinarily open-minded effort to ensure that there is no discussion about decriminalization or legalization without first having a discussion about whether there should be a discussion about decriminalization or legalization.  It would seem that, in Grassley’s view, it would clearly be against the spirit of freedom of speech and intellectual freedom if we just went forward with having a debate without first having a debate about whether we should have a debate.

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