I now have Term Life Insurance.

I thought I could get an entire post out of that, but I can’t.

In any case, is tomorrow Friday already? Indeed it is.

This weekend is going to be playing catchup on all of the chores we missed last week because of the feast with my co-workers ate up all of the time that would have gone to running around to various stores. As such, we’re getting loaded for bear and hitting Costco, PetSmart, King Soopers, and hitting the dealership to get the dashboard “maintenance required” light periodic maintenance done. So that’s everything but Trader Joe’s.

And right around the time that I finish the last chore, it’s time to head over for the Saturday Night Gaming Night.

Which pretty much means that laundry gets done on Friday night and Sunday (with maybe a handful of swapped loads on Saturday).

But the good news about all that is that it means that (knocks on wood) next weekend will be wiiiiiiiiide open.

So… what’s on your docket?

(Image is “Play” by Clare Briggs. Used with permission of the Briggs estate.)

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29 thoughts on “Weekend!

  1. My weekend started today! Every weekend should be a three day weekend. Ahhh, if only my son wasn’t suffering from insomnia this week.

    A bunch of surrobaby stuff today including physical therapy and an OB/GYN appointment. Then I’m working all weekend because our local, family owned for the past 65 years, company was sold to a similar company from Washington State that takes over Monday. The only concern I have is whether or not the new owners will still give employees tickets to the minor league baseball games this summer. Priorities!

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  2. Adulting also – we got our overdue taxes done (2013 – 2015, so now we’re only a little bit behind). Except I’m pretty sure our tax preparer made a bunch of mistakes, so we have to re-do sections of six returns, and prepare letters to the CRA asking to have them adjusted. I see paperwork, a calculator, and a glass of whiskey in the weekend’s plans.

    A happy bit of news – Fledermaus and Mr. T are expecting a baby. We were lucky enough to get in with the same excellent midwives who attended our first’s birth; all the ultrasounds and blood tests and midwife checkups have proven reassuring.

    (Which I guess that puts other stuff on the adulting agenda now – as I’m the only one of us in the salary-and-benefits employment model, I’ll want to look into how my insurance and such will work, if the new kid can be considered my dependent for that purpose.)

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  3. Laundry weekend, watching last few episodes of Black Sails. Sippin’ on some coconut rum while listening to Where the wind blows by Blacktop Mojo. Weedeat, water trees and be thankful of the shade.

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  4. Getting two more estimates on some tree work that needs to be done. I don’t think they’ll be able to beat the first estimate I got (via my usual landscapers), but given the expense — I’m willing to let them try.

    Seven trees, all over 15 feet (one between 20 and 30 and one over 30). Four that are being removed and stumps ground out. Three that are growing around utility lines (but not power, of course, then the power company would have fixed that).

    And of course it’s twice as expensive as I’d hoped.

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  5. I now have Term Life Insurance.

    Whoa, great minds — I just got a call today from an insurance broker, convincing me to revive the term life app I’d filled out online awhile back. Thanks for leading the way.

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  6. Finished the grading I didn’t do yesterday when I was felled by a migraine for much of the day. (I get one maybe every eight months; I think I can blame this on the giant low pressure to the west of me). Now I’m watching the weather and wondering whether I need to move stuff (purse, sturdy shoes, etc.) into my tornado shelter area for tonight. (I fear I may not get much sleep tonight if it’s going to be stormy).

    Spring here is beautiful but the violent/changeable weather can kind of suck.

    Next weekend is graduation, and then I have a summer-without-teaching (I usually teach summers, but the budget cuts we’ve experienced recently has made it financially unattractive – I was paid adjunct wages last summer, which is not enough for the amount of effort I put in)

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