Tech Tuesday 9/26 – Entropy Is Such A Lonely Word Edition

Pickings were kinda thin these past two weeks, lots of stories that were ho-hum variations on topics discussed before. But there was still some stuff that caught my eye.

Tech Tuesday 9/26 - Entropy Is Such A Lonely Word Edition


Aero1 – Imagine if the pilot on your next commercial flight said, “We are beginning our descent into …”, and three and half minutes later, you were on the ground.

Aero2 – Cassini has taken the final plunge.

Aero3 – SpaceX has a very good sense of humor regarding their failures.

Aero4 – Hubble sees a lot of very strange things.


Bio1 – Finally, fire ants are useful for something besides elaborate curses!

Bio2 – GMO cotton can avoid the need for dyes or other chemical treatments.

Bio3 – There are no pills that magically melt away fat, but there is a patch (and it doesn’t magically melt away fat, you still gotta cut your intake and exercise to burn it off).

Bio4 – It has been suggested that the reason we die of old age is because we are so very good at making babies, or something like that.

Bio5 – Using polio to kill cancer.  The enemy of my enemy…

Bio6 – Using sound to test blood.  Alleviates the need for a centrifuge.  Could be done with a handheld device (tricoder, anyone?)


Enr1 – Wave turbines.  Still not as good as tidal turbines, but still interesting.


Mat1 – Old, but relevant since Harvey.

Mat2 – A better way to fix potholes.  (also old, but first I’ve heard of it)

Mat3 – I know this is something that will probably be very useful for various scientific optics and laser applications, but I bet somebody is going to use this to tint their car windows.

Mat4 – Damn billionaires, funding the development of technology that can only benefit themselves… oh, wait.

Mat5 – 3D Printing a rocket engine from two alloys.


Mil1 – This is possibly the smartest thing the Navy has done in a while.

Mil2 – Pew! Pew! Pew! Pew! Pew!


Trans1 – Cargo ship voyage time lapse.  This is a fascinating video to watch.

Weird, Wacky, And Wonderful

WWW1 – Back when “Your Momma carries a Skeggöx !” wasn’t much of an insult.

WWW2 – The EFF is suing CBP over device searches at the border.  IIRC the courts haven’t exactly been siding against CBP on this.

WWW3 – This guy wasn’t in Jurassic Park.





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5 thoughts on “Tech Tuesday 9/26 – Entropy Is Such A Lonely Word Edition

  1. [Bio4] interests me because that was being floated as a hypothesis back at the tail end of last century when I was an undergrad. Which means folks have been chasing this evidence (or any evidence to support the hypothesis at a macro-organism level) for a long time. Sweet.

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  2. Mil1- note that while COTS*, an Xbox 360 controller is obsolete technology. The question is whether this RCI** is forward compatible with, say, Xbox One controllers, or will submarine SKs need to get Ebay accounts.

    *Commercial Off the Shelf
    **Rapid COTS Insertion, an acronym within an acronym, most famously used in sonar, ARCI, (or A-RCI), for Acoustic Rapid COTS Insertion.

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    • Well, the smart part was using a game controller all the new kids are already trained to use. Game controllers are all pretty standard on the interface front (pin arrangements differ, but figuring out what pin/signal responds to which control point is trivial – High school kids do it when building their robots for FIRST), so switching to a new controller should take the boat ET3 all of about 10 minutes.

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