Party like it’s 2004

Victor Davis Hanson won’t give up the fight:

The president apparently does not realize that in Iraq too there was a coalition, that the Iraq War was approved by both houses of Congress on 23 grounds (only two dealing with WMD), and that more and more evidence is emerging concerning the terrorist ties between Saddam and radical Islam.

Let us know when “more evidence” emerges, will you?

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3 thoughts on “Party like it’s 2004

  1. VDH is kind of a sad figure. He used to be a respectable (or at least somewhat respectable) classicist before he decided that he could also be a political commentator…sadly the latter has worked about as well as Frank Miller as a classical historian…

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    • What exactly is there to refute? Hanson didn’t actually provide any basis for his claims.

      As to the Nobel, I highly recommend Rod Long’s take:

      That’s right: the president of the country that turned away Jews who were attempting to escape the Holocaust belittles the accomplishments of the people who actually saved their Jews from Hitler’s goons through the use of nonviolent resistance.

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