Morning Ed: Animals {2017.10.05.Th}

[An1] Atlas Obscura looks at sea silk.

[An2] Gender-segregated dog parks? (Needs to be viewed in Chrome or something that can translate it for you)

[An3] The sea harbors many scary creatures.

[An4] Peppa Pig is global phenomenon, which has caused some issues involving (eek) spiders.

[An5] It seems to me that the shellfish should have thought of that before they decided not to evolve into a tool-wielding species.

[An6] It’s one thing for a bank to be overtaken by rodents, but masked ones have to make them especially nervous.

[An7] Eventually, dogs will be allowed everywhere.

[An8] For such a slow animal, this tortiose sure got around. The seeming grin on the picture is just priceless.

[An9] Boom-shakalaka-boom-shakalaka-meow.

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12 thoughts on “Morning Ed: Animals {2017.10.05.Th}

  1. An2 –

    As long as S√∂dermalmsbon Carola Kastman has had dogs, there have never been any problems with unleashing the jelly among its jellyfish in the town’s halls. But when she, with the newly acquired bacon Coco, would usually visit her hundred farm in the south, she got a total shock.

    (The machine translation also uses the English word for female dog every single time, which is quite something)

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  2. [An1] This stuff seems almost as rare as that mussel that was used to make purple dye the Romans used. Shame the EU won’t let commercial harvesting.

    [An5] Somebody somewhere is going to turn this into the human’s fault now.

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