Kung Fu Yoga – Official Trailer | Jackie Chan Sonu Sood Disha Patani Amyra Dastur |Releasing 3 Feb

Kung-Fu Yoga is a delightful, frenetic, corny, old-school action-adventure movie that has pretty much everything. Car chases, fifteen different gorgeous locations, ice caves, Jackie Chan showing off, amazing outfits, camel races, CGI lions, absurdly beautiful people, knife fights, and dance scenes.

The idea behind it is simple: “Let’s make a movie that we can market just as strongly to India as we can to China and we won’t even have to think about any other continents.” As such, they packed it full of everything you’d want if you went to a Chinese cinema and everything you’d want if you went to an Indian cinema.

The basic storyline is simple: Jackie Chan is China’s best living archaeologist (“one of the best”, he modestly points out). He is working with a great team that has made a technological breakthrough to see what colors the terra cotta warriors were originally painted and news of this technology makes its way to India where (gorgeous) Professor Ashmita thinks it will help decode an ancient map that can help both teams find the lost Magadha treasure.

Hijinks ensue.

Every single trope is explored to the hilt. Rakish rogues, ridiculously handsome villains, unearthly beautiful protagonists, on location filming in a kajillion different gorgeous places, and costumes that will have your eyes bugging out of your head.

It also might be the corniest movie I’ve ever seen that wasn’t produced by Walter Disney himself. It’s cute, fun, silly, corny, and it made about a quarter billion dollars. Critics panned it and, objectively, it wasn’t particularly good by any measure that critics would use to say whether a movie is good or not… but I had a blast.

And I believe it’s even on Netflix.

So… what are you reading and/or watching?

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4 thoughts on “Sunday!

  1. I just finished le Carré’s Legacy of Spies. As usual, a lot and not a lot happen at the same time. It’s quite good, and likely his last, given his age.

    Next up, Roddy Doyle’s latest.

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  2. Well, I am about 200 odd pages into 7eves and I just can’t bring myself to care. I normally enjoy Stephensen, but this just isn’t hitting the spot. Sooo, I am back at The Shadow of the Torturer.
    God, its good.

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