Podcast: Holiday Movie Edition

Blogging is going to be pretty slow around these parts for the next few days, but before everyone disconnects for Christmas, we’ve got a year-in-review movie podcast for your enjoyment. I’m joined by Freddie and Sonny Bunch, film critic at The Washington Times and a blogger at Conventional Folly, for an hour-and-a-half (!) discussion of 2009’s notable films. Spoilers and witty movie-related commentary abound, as well as a surprisingly forceful defense of prawn apartheid.

Due to some technical difficulties, the first 3:10 and the last minute or so were recorded inadvertently and can be safely skipped. Because of the ridiculous length, the audio also takes some time to load.

Finally, anyone who makes it through the entire thing gets a holiday fruit basket from the League. We reserve the right to quiz prospective prize winners on the podcast’s contents to determine eligibility.

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