Tech Tuesday 3/13/18 – Freestyle Edition

I just had a whole weekend of sun and warm weather, I’m feeling footloose and fancy free. Therefore, no categories or organization for you!

Tech Tuesday 3/13/18 - Freestyle Edition

01 – Dude, you had me at ‘light sabers‘.

02 – Two off the shelf medicines combine to form a cancer Terminator.  All you have to do is label all your tumors ‘Sarah Connor’.  Couple the treatment with this, and you’ll make sure it sticks around to get the job done with no pesky lovesick heroes getting in the way.

03 – A cheap way to make hydrogen from water.  Cheap in that it is efficient and the catalyst is not exotic or expensive.

04 – Blue Pee, Malaria free!

05 – The Turducken of particle physics.  This is pretty neat, actually, although I have no idea if anyone has any clue if such a state is useful beyond expanding the frontiers of physics.

06 – I see this as simply a new artificial eye, but I wonder if it can’t be the first step towards advanced corrective lenses for human vision.  And by advanced, I mean Super-Vision(TM)!

07 – Robots are getting into the custom furniture biz.

08 – Uber is being smart.  Sure, they’ll turn a profit, but getting people to medical appointments is an obvious good for the service.

09 – Good for you Lego!  My only question is, the bricks are still polyethylene, so while they may be sourced from non-petroleum feedstock, are they still a landfill issue (the parts are not biodegradable)?  One problem at a time, I guess.

10 – DARPA would really like it if you didn’t die on the battlefield.

11 – Keeping satellites in LEO by sucking air.  Or by dragging their tails.

12 – Google sees Intel’s 49-qubits and raises them 23-qubits.  Oh, man, the World Series of Quantum Poker is getting tense here, folks.

13 – Overall, I give Renault’s concept car an ‘eh’, but I do like the way you enter and leave, where the roof pops up and away.  Gotta open the interactive press kit to see what I mean.

14 – Is ball lightning the key to fusion power?  Probably not directly, but I think ball lightning is cool.

15 – I’m thinking we’ll be needing these in the next 25-50 years.  Unless the GMO haters have their way.  Oh, what am I saying, in 25-50 years, the GMO haters will be dead of starvation because everything we grow will have some kind of GMO tweak to it.

16 – Don’t worry, Tin Man, we got you covered.

17 – Researchers in Northern Ireland have created a gamma ray burst in the lab.  In entirely unrelated news, there are unconfirmed reports of the largest and angriest leprechaun ever seen roaming the Irish countryside.

18 – Last one, and it shows that despite popular belief to the contrary, scientists have a sense of humor.


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24 thoughts on “Tech Tuesday 3/13/18 – Freestyle Edition

  1. 04: Methylene blue, is there anything it can’t do? (Also used to treat methemoglobinemia, amyl nitrate poisoning, and also a fun fraternity prank to put in the punch. Ahem. I may watch more “Untold Stories of the ER’ than is good for me.)

    (We do use it in lab for staining cells with the intro classes, because it works, it’s non toxic, and it’s cheap)

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  2. [18] — This is relevant to my interests. Next time someone looks askance at some of the — shall we say — implements lying around my room, I shall say, “I like spiders.”

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  3. No categories? But science itself is built on structure!

    That Uber idea is really good. The company could use the positive press.

    A question about the Renault: are those front seats backward-facing? It looks that way. I can understand the conversational benefit, but a lot of people get motion sickness riding backwards.

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  4. [1] I’m not sure how rubidium atoms at a few millionths of a degree above absolute zero can form a “cloud” at least not under earth gravity? Wouldn’t that be more like a “puddle”? Or is my physics flawed?

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  5. 07:
    This caught my eye:

    “Robots have already enabled mass production, but with artificial intelligence (AI) they have the potential to enable mass customization and personalization in almost everything we produce,”

    I also see this, that AI we are moving away from the era of mass production into something like bespoke production, where it is as cheap to make a million one of a kind items as it is to make a million identical ones.

    The consequences I think, can be enormous.

    Mass production shaped our politics and society, and helped determine the physical form of our cities, determining where and how we lived and moved.

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  6. 18 – LOL That is awesome. However I’m afraid to let my son see it for fear of what may be done with our tea strainers…

    12 – If only it were qualoos instead of qubits, that would be a great Star Trek reference

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