Our traditional end-of-Lent buffet went reservations-only without telling us first.

We showed up at the place at 10AM *SHARP* and asked if we could go in and eat and they asked us if we had reservations. “You didn’t need reservations last year!”, we said. As if that meant something. They smiled and told us that they could get us in around 2:30PM.

I wanted to yell “I BEEN KICKED OUT OF BETTER BUFFETS THAN THIS ONE!” but, instead, we thanked them and left. As if that meant something.

So we went to the old-schooly bagel place that serves really high quality bagels and I got an Everything with jalapeño cream cheese, bacon, and scrambled eggs.

And it tasted *DIVINE*. All of the flavors melded and blended together perfectly. It was the *PERFECT* breaking of a fast.

And since we were near the East Coast Pizza joint, I also picked up a pizza for later in the day. (Happy sigh.)

While I am sure that I would have enjoyed that sandwich had I not fasted, I am certain that I wouldn’t have felt that it was luminous.

Anyway, my last weigh-in before Easter had me at having lost 8.2 pounds. I’m sure that at my weigh-in tomorrow, I’ll be somewhere around 7ish.

But it was worth it!

In similar news, this upcoming weekend is WrestleMania Weekend. Which means that we have to do all of our stuff on Friday night or Saturday because the entire second half of Sunday will be devoured by the Grandaddy of them all.

So that’s pretty much all that is going on. WrestleMania prep followed by WrestleMania itself and the associated WrestleMania Feast. And next week’s weigh-in will have me in the sixes.

So… what’s on your docket?

(Image is “Play” by Clare Briggs. Used with permission of the Briggs estate.)

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7 thoughts on “Weekend!

  1. I’m stoked about
    WrestleMania Feasting and our friends
    catching up on my sleep
    having a brain that can read a book or follow a tv show again

    in more or less that order (though I won’t be carrying them out in that order, obvs)

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  2. D&D myself. My barbarian continues to fulfill the required role of “meat shield”. He’s getting close to becoming a bear warrior, which I’m looking forward to.

    The ability to turn into a raging grizzly bear truly is the solution to all of life’s problems.

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    • “The ability to turn into a raging grizzly bear truly is the solution to all of life’s problems.”


      The number of times I read the Beorn-kicks-ass scenes in Tolkien as a kid and wished I could do that…. :D

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  3. I have some grading to do, but the biggest must-do is mucking out my guest room (I never have guests over, so I don’t know why I call it that) that is really a storage/junk room. Because on Monday, the plumbers are coming to put in a new tankless water heater to replace the old tank that went troppo LAST week.

    They want to inspect the vent to make sure it has no holes, which means going up in the attic.

    The attic entry is through the guest room closet.

    I have lived in this house 16 years now and I have accumulated a lot of crap – some of it stuff I literally DON’T know how to throw away (short of borrowing a pickup truck, driving it to the dump, and paying a separate fee), some of it stuff I will use eventually, some of it the result of my tendency to over-buy books and yarn.

    Most of the stuff is just getting shifted somewhere else (temporarily) but I’m hoping I can find more crap that I can just throw out. (I may also, this summer, sort the yarn and the books and do some donating.)

    I kind of hate the effort but it will be worth it to have hot water again. Heating water in a stockpot on the stove so you can bathe (or, moreso, so you don’t go into shock from washing your hair with 68 degree F water) gets really old really fast.

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