Retroactive: This Week in Ordinary Times

Retroactive: This Week in Ordinary Times

This week, at Ordinary Times:

The Magic of Ben Shapiro How Ben Shapiro helped build a conservative movement Trump could thrive in. By Adot Sad

When Schools Get Political, What Should Teachers Do? An expression of values. But whose? By Michele Kerr

By a Thousand Cuts. Another example of why we need to resist the siren call of “free healthcare.” By April Joy

Yes, Hannity, Cohen is in fact your lawyer. And you should be glad. An attorney is responsible for knowing when he or she has stepped into the role of counsel to a particular individual. For all of his perceived shortcomings as an attorney, Cohen got this one right. By Em Carpenter

Letter to younger myself #1: The anti-gay rights amendment Advice to a supporter of a controversial anti-gay rights amendment. By gabriel conroy

National School Walkout Day, 19 years after Columbine 19 years after Columbine, not much has changed. As kids across the country leave class to protest school violence in National Walkout Day, let us reflect on how we got here. By Em Carpenter

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