Three cute books for you to read to the kiddos. Or, hey, just read them yourself. I ain’t judgin’.

The first is Barbara Reid’s Fox Walked Alone. This is a cute little book that has a surprise ending that ties into the Great Flood story in Genesis. It’s the story of Fox, who is a nocturnal animal, but he wakes up during the day one wild and crazy day and is compelled to take a walk. A couple of ravens tag along despite themselves, and boggle at how crazy his yet-unexplained behavior is. Big spoiler: His walk ends up with him getting on The Ark. (And the story ends right as the rain really starts coming down.)

The story is told in rhyme; here’s an example from one of the splash pages in the book: Fox walked until his paws were sore– he’d never walked so far before. “That crazy fox!” the ravens said. One rolled her eyes, one shook his head. A cute book for fans of the book of Genesis who want a toddler-friendly version of the story found in Genesis 7: 8-9.

The second is Dana Wulfekotte’s Rabbit and Possum. Another toddler appropriate book, it’s another entry in the genre of “two animal friends: one of whom is gregarious and friendly, the other of whom is too tightly wound”. Rabbit comes over to visit Possum who is sound asleep and nothing will wake him up… nothing except a Moose rustling in the bushes. Unfortunately, Possum freaks out and runs up a tree! And the rest of the story is dealing with how in the heck Rabbit is going to help Possum get out of the tree he climbed in a panic. (No points for guessing the Moose gets involved.) A fun little story that ends with sandwiches. Warning: you will need to come up with voices for Rabbit, Possum, and Moose. Distinct ones. I suggest enthusiastic and excited for Bunny, tremulous for Possum, and really really deep for Moose.

The third book is for kids old enough to read books to you. Jami Gigot’s Seb and the Sun. I’m not sure that I’m the best judge but the toughest words seem to me to be “coastal”, “treasure”, “collection”, and some of the names of the characters in the town might need some help from a friendly grownup (“Vandermuss” and “Muktuk” are two of the last names that show up). If the kid can plow through those words, they will read to you the story of a little boy and his pet walrus who, in the darkest part of winter up in… looks like Alaska maybe? Maybe B.C.? Are tired of it being dark all the time and they go out and find some liquid sunshine in the middle of the ocean and bring it back to share with their town. Beautiful dark colors in the art for this one. The perfect book for them to read to you before bed.

So… what are you reading and/or watching?

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8 thoughts on “Sunday!

  1. I’m into Rebecca West’s Black Lamb and Grey Falcon at about 130 pages, which is to say I’ve barely started. I have The Changelingby Victor LaValle that I’ll start soon. But that may have to wait until the semester is over.

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  2. So I picked up a copy of Lord of the Rings lately, the three-volume slip-cased hardbacks from the sixties. I hadn’t read it in about 20 years, I am getting in a couple chapters a night. Makes a nice end-of-the-day treat. After that I have some later volumes of the Forsyte Saga lined up, but I might break it up with some Expanse.

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  3. My 30 yr old daughter and I recently had a conversation about her favorite kiddo book – her clear favorite was “We’re Going On a Bear Hunt”, which was a lot of fun – now apparently a classic. She didn’t even remember “A House Is A House For Me” which was my favorite, which on reflection is kinda more verbal based and less action/problem solving oriented.

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