Retroactive: This Week in Ordinary Times


This edition of Retroactive: This Week in Ordinary Times: Twitter as a positive thing, Conservatives needing work on their messaging, a harsh critique of Tennessee’s General Assembly, Trumpism and Reagan’s GOP, and a new staff writer introduces herself.

If Conservatives Want to be Heard, Stop Whining About Unfair By Andrew Donaldson

Fighting on Twitter Doesn’t Have to Make You a Loser By Em Carpenter

Tennessee’s General Assembly Sure Is Concerned With Keeping Racists Happy By Sam Wilkinson

Let’s Dispel the Myth That Trumpism Is Destroying “Reagan’s GOP” By Kate Harveston

The New Girl By Em Carpenter

Also, this week marked the debut of Ordinary Time’s Ten Second News:

North and South Korea Pledge Peace
Amazon More Than Doubles Quarterly Profits
Ford Is About to Abandon American Sedans
Bill Cosby Found Guilty
Ronnie Jackson Withdraws From Consideration to Lead Veteran Affairs
Double Dare Returns, But Kids TV Is Not What It Used To Be
Golden State Killer Suspect Arrested
Yes California? #Calexit Returns
Amazon Key: Next Big Thing or Bridge Too Far?

And Linky Friday: Food, Guns & Family

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