Morning Ed: Politics {2018.05.24.Th}

[Po1] For good reasons (regulatory certainty) and bad (regulatory capture), sometimes industry welcomes regulation.

[Po2] Now this is an interesting idea. Sounds like it would be bad for porn customers at first glance, but it could spread access.

[Po3] Joseph Heath is worried about anti-racism activism in Canada taking on an American flavor, to its detriment.

[Po4] In abortion as with drugs (to an extent), those that would have it illegal are almost always more interested in going after suppliers than their clients.

[Po5] If the US wants more educated immigrants, it needs to take a look at Africa. While I have a lot of faith in our ability to assimilate and integrate succeeding generations, knowing English when you get here is a big plus.

[Po6] It isn’t just us: European populism is either economic or it isn’t. Depending on who you ask.

[Po7] The Communist Party of the USA is taking a stand on free speech.

[Po8] The mysterious disappearance of former Australian Prime Minister Harold Holt.

[Po0] Leftwards in the US often have this belief that systems elsewhere are flawless, and that flaws in our system are unique to us and most likely on account of our backwards ways.

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21 thoughts on “Morning Ed: Politics {2018.05.24.Th}

  1. Po3: I found this article unconvincing for many reasons. It read more like why won’t you talk about these issues in the way I want them to be talked about. If all politics used to be local, the Internet and globalization are making all local politics international. His argument that when Americans talk about race, they really mean Whites and African-Americans is also unconvincing. There is a small element of truth but Hispanics and Muslims, who are yes a religious group but tend to be people of color, also get included. Asians and Jews are in the mix in a confused way.

    Po6 relates to Po3. Whether the resurgence of populism in Europe or America is going to be economic or not depends on your politics. Its most likely a complicated combination of both. What I found remarkable was that Po3 doesn’t exactly let the center-left parties in Europe off the hook for the resurgence of populism.

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    • Po3 – I’m with you there. The questions of slavery reparations and of aboriginal self governance add nuance, but do not fundamentally change the issues like
      – our children are bullied at school as “dirty (name of race)”
      – cops keep murdering our young men
      – employers won’t hire us because they think we’re lazy, and take our unemployment levels as evidence of our laziness
      – our communities don’t have safe drinking water, when much more minor water problems in white communities are treated as huge emergencies

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    Might be more society but this is an area where my liberalism sounds a lot like cultural conservatism. I don’t get the whole Instagram culture of flashing luxury goods and egging on jealous haters or whoever. And I am far from hating nice things. Part of me does blame declining standards of decency on what is happening to this girl.

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    • Part of me is with you on the declining standards of decency but another part of me wonders if there were ever standards of decency. Human history is filled with people who will do anything for fame and fortune including some very young people. While lots of actresses hated the casting coach culture and wished they could get by an ordinary additions, others saw it as part of the system and were able to live with it fine. If that is what they needed to do to get ahead, so be it. The Internet is just a broadcast amplifier, allowing more people like this to do whatever to get fame and fortune.

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  3. Po1 – It boggles the mind that people don’t readily conceive of regulatory capture. Of course industry welcomes regulation: they write the regulations themselves to hurt disruptive competitors. See, for instance, every industry. I feel the linked article would be better if it were: “Industry doesn’t always support regulation”.

    Po4 – I’m not sure there is a compelling moral argument to be made for going after suppliers of drugs or abortion services, but it is certainly an effect multiplier if one is seeking to eliminate the practice.

    Po5 – Ahhhhhh, economic planning. That works well. (See below.)

    Po7 – I have a socialist friend who is fond of telling me that Marx said that we all need to be socialists now so we can be anarchists in the future or some such. I think this story is a classic example of how that thinking is flawed to say the least. What we should do if we really want more equitable opportunities for the labor classes is start by eliminating some of the artificial protections for the managerial classes, such as risk-free incorporation, tax incentives, subsidies, licensing, privatization, bailouts, and state-sanctioned rent-seeking.

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  4. People who enjoy Louis Farrakhan will enjoy this clip.

    Mr. Trump is destroying every enemy that was an enemy of our rise. Who is the enemy of our rise? Is it the Department of Justice where we get none? Is it Congress where you make a law that favors us and then you turn around and destroy it?— MINISTER FARRAKHAN (@LouisFarrakhan) May 25, 2018

    If you don’t want to listen to it, a short summary is that Minister Farrakhan is acknowledging that Trump is the enemy of his enemies.

    I don’t think that the African-American vote is going to return to the high numbers seen during the Obama administration. I mean, assuming Farrakhan is a bellwether. Maybe he’s just a crank.

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