Where does the time go? I remember being excited that Dick Tracy was coming out.

Anyway, we’ve already seen Avengers: Infinity Something come out and, just this last Friday, Deadpool 2 came out. Summer movies, here we come!

Next week, Friday May 25th, we get Solo! A Star Wars Story! They went through so very many directors on this one that I’ve got to admit that I’m feeling anxious about whether or not it pulls it off. Not that a lack of drama necessarily indicates that a good movie is being made, but a surplus of it is one heck of a red flag that it’s going to show up. (Rotten Tomatoes has it certified Fresh, for what that’s worth… 71%… I’m not sure that that’s a good number or something like Doom 3 getting a rating of 89% back in 2004.)

June 1st gives us Upgrade. This is the movie that I’m looking forward to. A guy and the love of his life have a bad interaction with some hooligans. He gets a spinal injury, she gets put in the fridge. Elon Musk shows up and offers him a computer that will help him walk again. As it turns out, the computer can do a *LOT* more than just help the guy walk. (This is one of those movies that has a trailer that gives away major, and I mean *MAJOR* plot points… that sort of thing just drives me nuts.)

June 8th gives us Oceans 8. It’s like Oceans 11 but with an all-female cast. This will sink or swim based on the quality of the script. If it’s as good as Oceans 13, it’ll be a hit. If it’s only as good as Oceans 12, it’ll have trouble.

June 15th looks like it’s going to be owned by Incredibles 2. Yeah, I’m kinda looking forward to that one. Brad Bird wrote and directed so… maybe it’ll be okay? Maybe?

June 22nd gives us Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom. This one seems to involve a volcano. Off the top of my head, let me pitch Jurassic World 3 to you: A giant asteroid.

June 29 gives us Uncle Drew. Have you seen the Kyrie Irving videos where they put him in old man makeup and have him play in pick-up games of basketball? This is going to be that, but scripted this time.

July 6 brings us Ant Man and The Wasp. All kinds of sequel things going on here: it’s a sequel to the original Ant Man *AND*, on top of that, it’s the first Marvel Cinematic Universe movie to come out after Infinity Something. If you’ve seen the first nineteen movies, you’re pretty much obligated to see this one too.

And at that point, Summer is more or less halfway over. We can get to the second half of the summer next week.

So… what are you most looking forward to this summer?

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5 thoughts on “Sunday!

  1. Got to be honest here, other than Incredibles (which is a bit of nostalgia since with the age gap in children the oldest is off to college from the original movie so doing it with the youngins might be that) none of those sound appealing. After neglecting it last year there will be many more beach trips this summer, and with my improved health hopefully more travelling. Already have traditional WV 4th of July trip planned, Atlanta in June for a sort of ad hoc 20th class reunion, kids are going to Pigeon Forge with grandparents for a week, and I have several other trips working on. With luck will be far to busy for any movies.

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  2. My screening of Deadpool 2 included a preview of The Equalizer. I was meh before, but now I think I’m in. Already have my tickets for Solo, and Incredibles 2 is a must.

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