Morning Ed: Vice {2018.07.02.M}

[Vi1] Believe it or not, this is semi-encouraging. Obesity rates among adults growing probably means that it’s fat kids growing up and stable rates among kids probably means that the growth has stalled. The correlation between obesity and education holding for women but not men is really interesting.

[Vi2] This is sad, but not too surprising.

[Vi3] Once upon a time, Pinball was a menace to be contained.

[Vi4] Christopher Snowdon writes on anti-obesity efforts in Britain, which are directed by celebrity culture and ineffective.

[Vi5] There really is a strong case to be made that fat stigma is doing more damage to the public health than obesity.

[Vi6] This comports with my own experience. Whenever I lowered my nicotine level in the ejuice, it was met with a rise in vaping frequency. I would still end up reducing nicotine consumption because the compensation was incomplete, but it did mean that I ingested more of everything else.

[Vi7] I’m not big on the Juul model since they rely on proprietary cartridges and have a uniform nicotine level, but they really do appear to be doing what they can to avoid selling to kids and they are 100% right about the virtues of making ecigarettes feel and taste different than regular ones.

[Vi8] The vaping movement has always been conflicted in between “These things are wildly less dangerous than cigarettes” and the belief that it shouldn’t even matter.

[Vi9] Seems likely there was more than just vaping involved in this story.

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  1. Vi4: There is also a link in this article about an interesting and successful anti-obesity program in Amsterdam. It’s worth reading, and not just to laugh at Dutch neighborhood names. (Seriously, if you don’t giggle at Slotervaart, your brain is wired differently than mine.)

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