Sunday Brunch: Culture Quick Links

Sunday Brunch

Jacob Fobsen Van Es


[Mu1] NPR host Sam Sanders on why he “actively hates theme songs,” on his radio program.

[Mu2] Nashville, and country music by implication, is “a drinking town with a music problem.” But my word, is drinking lucrative in country music.

[Mu3] Documentary film maker John Birdcut’s three films on composers Elgar, Delius, Vaughan Williams have been re-mastered, and brings visual depth to the familiar sounds of their work.


[Ar1] Mister Rodgers, Art Critic

[Ar2] From tagger to convict to art teacher, an Ultra fascinating story

[Ar3] As long as there has been art, there has been art theft, and the problem isn’t stealing it as much as trying to “move” it for profit.


Rodin’ “The Thinker” being moved to museum


[Th1] “Put out your shingle and ply your trade,” the old saying goes, so these aspiring philosophers set up shop in the park with their “Ask-a-Philosopher,” sign.

[Th2] It sounds like comedy sketch, but in the hometown of Kant soccer meets philosophy at the World Cup in Kaliningrad.

[Th3] Science and philosophy have always brushed edges, but in areas such as AI and machine learning, origin of life, and extraterrestrial life, some want to lab test out theories of thought.


[Pe1] Most folks who take a sociology class have to read Weber, but apparently few get it right either in learning or teaching.

[Pe2] People in crisis often turn to their faith, but attempting to computer model that behavior can be both insightful and messy.

[Pe3] Education is rightly viewed as a source problem for many social ills, but is a root cause to problems from urban planning, zoning, and even property values being adversely affected by entitled parents and their influence on schools?

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2 thoughts on “Sunday Brunch: Culture Quick Links

  1. Pe3: We see this in our district on the neighborhood FB page. Parents collaborating, almost conspiring, to undermine a teacher or administrator.

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    • We get spared this to an extent, our school district is the one of the highest (something like 60%) of the kids being DoD dependents and thus highly transient, but still an issue. When I posted this I have gotten several messages almost immediately of “that happens here all the time.” I don’t know how you solve this, “gossip circle” and cliques are old as time and now that you have social media they are easily “weaponized” against the schools, school boards, and even politicians. My hometown is 2+ years removed from a flood, and the federal money to rebuild the schools is still being held up because of all the infighting and power plays, to the point the feds ordered in a mediator and they still can’t get it solved. The social media over it is tearing up the community in a very real way. Lots of questions, no real answers that I see.

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