Social Conservatism’s Millenial Makeover

Mother Jones captures the uneasy relationship between youth outreach and movement conservatism:

A few weeks after the Values summit, Phyllis Schlafly‘s group, the Eagle Forum, held its annual How to Take Back America conference in St. Louis. There, too, organizers devoted a session to “How to Bring Youth Into the Conservative Movement.” The moderator was 65-year-old Orlean Koehle, president of the Eagle Forum’s California chapter, whose qualification derived from teaching at a John Birch Society youth camp. She was joined by Schlafly’s son Andy, 47, a lawyer who also teaches online classes for home-schoolers, and Gary Bosley, a 64-year-old marketing executive. Only University of Virginia law student Karin Agness, 25, the founder of a conservative student group, helped bring down the average. Her advice on reaching a younger audience? Book clubs!

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9 thoughts on “Social Conservatism’s Millenial Makeover

  1. Wow, that’s sad. Back when I was young and involved in youth politics, everyone knew the two secrets to attracting young people:

    1. Booze
    2. Attractive members of the opposite sex

    Is that so hard to remember?

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