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Retroactive is the ICYMI listing of all the great reading from the week that was.
This Week:

The School Choice DebateCharter schools can play a valuable role in education reform.
By Scott J Davies

What’s so Great About the Truth Anyway?
Should we believe in falsehoods when doing so works better?
By Vikram Bath

Jazz, the Devil, and the Axeman of New Orleans
A jazz loving serial killer walked the beautiful but vaguely ominous streets of 1918 New Orleans, chiseling his way into back doors of the homes of local merchants…
By Em Carpenter

You are Going to Die
Is it possible that the idea of death tickling at the back of our mind is pushing us to be more ideologically rigid as our population ages? Is fear driving our new partisan gulf? As a thought experiment let’s be brave and think about death for just a moment.
By Mark Kruger

Road Movie To Berlin, The Original Motion Picture SoundtrackLife, put to music.
By Will Truman

Linky Friday: SummertimeLinky Friday is Ordinary Time’s Friday tradition of compiling stories from around the world and across the web straight to you. This week, Summertime is the theme, and clicks are easy, the stories are jumping, and the world is yours to read, share, and discuss. From Gershwin to Manafort, plenty to occupy your dog days of summertime.
By Andrew Donaldson

Saturday and Weekend posts by Jaybird

TSN: Ordinary Times quick links

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The Denmark Dilemma
Steve Ditko’s Legacy
AI is Coming, But What Culture Will Influence It?
Introductory Rates & Inertia

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