Ordinary Sunday Brunch: Culture Quick Links

“Wagner’s music isn’t as bad as it sounds.” – Mark Twain

Ordinary Sunday Brunch: Culture Quick Links


[Mu1] With the end of CDs these things will go away as well, but Now That’s What I Call Music made it to the century mark. Not a bad run.

[Mu2] It doesn’t happen often, but the San Francisco Opera went the distance and did Wagner’s entire 17 hour Ring Cycle. Who knew there were Wagner die-hards known as “ring-nuts” who travel the world chasing the full presentation?

[Mu3] The music copywrite debate will only get more complicated, and CATO has a write-up on the Music Modernization Act (MMA) that is currently winding its way through congress, and what it means.

[Mu4] OK, then…“A detailed musical analysis of how ABBA’s ‘Mamma Mia’ is literally a perfect pop song”


[Ar1] The Art of a Fired Cartoonist

[Ar2] Turning a radio telescope into a giant art installation

[Ar3] Using AI to make art, in this robotic art competition.

[Ar4] Las Vegas is many things. Come for the gambling, shows, and the rest of it… and take in one of this list of art galleries and exhibits.


[Hi1] The college board reverses itself and decides not to trim 250 years off of history.

[Hi2] Have you ever considered where your brush came from. Or where they might have been? If you are this company in Buffalo, NY, after 150 years of making your product brushes along a lot of history.

[Hi3] With streaming on your devices all the rage, good time to remember the original mobile streaming: the drive-in movie theater.

[Hi4} Steamtown National Historic Site does the hard work of archiving everything from handwritten notes, half-destroyed books, and tons of paper, but it’s the 20K glass plate negatives that really bring the history to life.

Ordinary Sunday Brunch: Culture Quick Links


[At1] The viral video of the racoon scaling a building was all over the place; here’s the breakdown on how the architecture of the building lended itself to the furry critter’s climb of glory.

[At2] The Museum of Modern Art is doing a full on exhibit of socialist architecture from the former Yugoslavia and the radical ideas they came up with. Who knew you could do so much variation in cement buildings.

[At3] Don’t have Baku on your to-go list of architectural cities not to miss? You should. My personal favorite here is the carpet museum in the style of a rolled up rug.

[At4] Los Angeles is a city of people from somewhere else coming to live and build dreams, so of course the architecture would reflect that, with a decidedly California twist when it came to buildings meant to get attention for businesses.

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  1. I love Das Rheingold. It is probably my favorite Wagner. Though Lohengrin has some very special moments.

    That could have been me describing it in that video, I’m so rapt with the prelude.

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