Morning Ed: Space {2018.07.24.T}

[Sp1] More on the fascinating Saturnian moon Enceladus.

[Sp2] Looks like space truckers’ future jobs are not safe from automation.

[Sp3] Is China about to take the lead in the space race?

[Sp4] Sex positions… in space!

[Sp5] Scientists managed to spot a planet being born.

[Sp6] Douglas Rushkoff warns the the rich are going to leave the rest of us behind with space exploration, and the digitization of our minds. And Alex Knapp writes about their space adventurism.

[Sp7] Next year, Mercury will travel across the face of the sun (from our vantage, naturally), which is actually pretty rare.

[Sp8] I only happened to know about Io’s volcanic infrastructure thanks to The Expanse.

[Sp9] James Poulos looks at our attraction to Mars.

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17 thoughts on “Morning Ed: Space {2018.07.24.T}

  1. Sp4: Its titillating but is this really what we should be sending astronauts into space to do? Though I suppose once you are in space it doesn’t cost extra.

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  2. Sp6: Rushkoff extrapolates a whole lot about an entire class of people based on the fact that five guys asked him some questions. People who work in finance deal with risk; it shouldn’t be shocking that they think about risk outside of finance. And just because someone is preparing for the worst doesn’t mean that they want the worst or even think that the worst is likely to happen.

    Also, I’m not sure that I see some grand connection between one rich guy who wants to build a bunker in case the sh*t hits the fan, another rich guy who wants to colonize Mars, or another rich guy who wants to upload his consciousness tot he web.

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