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StarCraft has been around for 20 years (first released in 1998). StarCraft 2 came out in three different waves: 2010, 2013, and 2015. The basic gameplay, however, has been pretty much set in stone. There are pretty much three teams you can play. Terran, Zerg, and Protoss.

Terrans are the “balanced” team. Decent attack, decent defense, decent speed.
Zergs are the glass cannons. Very quick to create armies but you’d better win quickly because there’s no long-term strategy. Hit fast, hit hard, and you’d better win with that hit.
Protoss are the slow and steady team. Their basic fighters have a lot of hit points and do a lot of damage… but they take *FOREVER*. If you have forever, though, you’re going to dominate.

Well, there’s a new guy on the competitive scene who has figured out a new tactic for playing the Protoss and he’s winning with a new tactic that nobody has (yet) figured out how to fight against.

Has (that’s his handle) has turned the Protoss into a guerilla force.

Here, check this out:

StarCraft 2 – viOLet vs. Has [ZvP] – RO 16 IEM Season XI – Shanghai

If you’re not familiar with StarCraft, you might not see the big deal but, lemme tell ya: That’s *INSANE* what he’s pulling off. He’s completely changing the game.

So… what are you playing?

(Picture is HG Wells playing a war game from Illustrated London News (25 January 1913))

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9 thoughts on “Saturday!

  1. Just started the xbox version of No Man’s Sky. It’s a fun game; a good one to play in order to relax. The game play is pretty simple: mine resources, combine, build stuff, maintain everything, explore planets.

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  2. Terrans aren’t really balanced, so much as best for the long drawn out fights. The Terran defence is near impregnable (except in the early and mid game) and they really hit their stride in the late game. The protoss rule in the mid game, but lose out because a) they consume too many resources and b) The higher level terran units are not too weak. It’s the early and most of the mid game where Terrans are the weakest. Marines take time to churn out and aren’t really very strong. Also the terrans don’t have much in the way of fixed anti-ground defences. It’s when you get siege tanks and battlecruisers that terrans come into their own. In that situation, everyone else is pretty much screwed.

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  3. I played the game, but only against the computer, and I haven’t kept up with the competitive stuff.

    So what I saw in that video is a tactic where Has drops a pylon wall and then a couple cannons behind it, that can shoot at a hatchery. In the first game, his opponent doesn’t quite know how much resource to spend on countering, and Has gets an advantage. But after that, the defence is more accurate and Has loses.

    Are these the guerrilla tactics you mentioned? What did I miss?

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  4. I went back to Star Wars: The Old Republic. It’s been so long I’m utterly lost on my main, so I started a Sith Inquisitor who basically exists as a vessel to (in the words of the wise Anders) “shoot lighting at fools”.

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  5. My main computer is being repaired still..hopefully it ships this coming week…possible ETA is next weekend–and I can get back to decent games. The pig I’m using now won’t even run Witcher 2.

    Still playing Marathon.

    Playing some D&D Sunday.

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