Ordinary Sunday Brunch: Culture Quick Links

Geologists have a saying – rocks remember. – Neil Armstrong


[Mu1] Been there and endorsed: No one knows how long the Native Peoples met there, but there has been music performances at one of America’s best and most unique venues since 1906, and still going strong. Just mind the steps…

[Mu2] Jazz Pianist Erroll Garner has a “lost” concert from 1964 that has been found, remastered, and released.

[Mu3] Knowing my clan’s affinity for it I’m sure you’ll find me there as well; The Sound of Music is returning to the big screen for a limited run.

[Mu4] Nick Douglas takes a shot at introducing classical music to the uninitiated. My own gateway, and what I’ve recommended to skeptics, is to try and get folks that are not that into it to experience it live.


[Ar1] Every art fan, dealer, and collector dreams of having that rare find of valuable art. This Chelsea gallery owner details what it’s like when it happens.

[Ar2] It’s satire-we distinguish since it’s been in the news this week that some folks have trouble discerning that-but The New Yorker takes on “Curated Starbucks Art”

[Ar3] “Drawn into the painting,” takes on new meaning when virtual reality can put you inside the artist studio as they create.

[Ar4] These live art installations are endlessly creative and fascinating, and this one by Damian Ortega is something.


[Hi1] We touched on this before, but The College Boards flip-flopping again on “lopping off” 250 years of history by changing the cut dates for AP World History to the very odd 1200 from 1450. Underlying issue: the fact that the previous 9K years of history is too much to cover in one class.

[Hi2] The rare lunar eclipse of this past week drew lots of interest, but in history and in many cultures such events were not causes for celebration.

[Hi3] The global history of ketchup

[Hi4] The unusual history of government cheese, which the government still has plenty of since it was, shockingly, not very well received. Not the least of reasons was the smell, and taste that crossed the palate as mixture of overly salted Velvetta and socio-economic despair. But mostly the smell.


[At1] The Blue Mosque isn’t the only color there, as this piece finds lots of color in Istanbul

[At2] Humanitarian motivation for participatory design, and how the closing of one initiative spurned new progress.

[At3] Kiev as a bucket list architecture city.

[At4] When you think of London, and specifically the tube, a certain picture and aesthetic comes to mind. The new “crossline” project might have been so meticulously planned that it’s design is just plain dull.

*When the first wood stage was put in at Red Rocks, pretty sure they didn’t envision the need for noise restrictions, but EDM has that effect on people and culture…

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3 thoughts on “Ordinary Sunday Brunch: Culture Quick Links

    • I would just like to clarify that in 20 years growing up in Canada, and another 20 still having my family mostly all living there, I have never eaten nor heard of one of them eating ketchup cake.

      I’m not saying people don’t do it, I’m sure they do (and I have the ability to Google), but it’s not that common, at least in my neck of the woods.

      Ketchup chips, on the other hand…

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  1. Mu3 – I went to one of these a few years ago when they did Singing in the Rain. (and it was just a few days after Debbie Reynolds and Carrie Fisher passed away)

    Visually it was fine, but they did not re-master or otherwise convert to the audio, so it was all center channel all the time, which made for actually an inferior viewing experience than just popping in a DVD.

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