Tech Tuesday 07/31/18 – Back In The Saddle Edition

Move is done, we are settled, so I am back at it!

Tech Tuesday 07/31/18 - Back In The Saddle Edition

TT01 – Oh my, that’s a wee bit nippy.  By the way, at those temperatures, things get seriously weird.

TT02 – Well I like this news, and I agree with the conclusion.  One of the reasons I got my E-bike was because I hate having to dismount and walk because I can’t get up the hill.  I hate it enough that I’d avoid riding my bike.  With the electric assist, I can get up the hills without walking, even if I am sweating heavily at the top.  It makes me enjoy riding more, so I am willing to do it more.

TT03 – Move over graphene, there is a new 2D material for everyone to geek out over.  Hematene is 2D(ish) iron, and so far, the excitement is all about it’s photo-catalytic properties, which boils down to it could be very useful as a solar catalyst for splitting water molecules.

TT04 – Flex it baby!

TT05 – I am certain Einstein appreciates being proven right, again.

TT06 – Speaking of black holes, we think we got to see one being born.

TT07 – I am certain everyone has heard about the big lake of water under the surface of Mars, but just in case you haven’t…

TT08That time, it was everybody’s business, including the Turks.

TT09 – The Navy has a new hull paint that is omniphobic.  In the biz, that is what we call a ‘Slip Wall’ boundary condition.  It gives some very interesting fluid effects.  Note that it won’t eliminate drag, just reduce friction drag.  You still have pressure drag, and induced drag (if any).

TT10 – Adobe has an AI it thinks can spot the digital manipulation of images.

TT11 – It’s not enough to just hide the IR signature of the object.  This can emit a false IR image as well, so you can’t just hope to find the cloaked object by looking for the void.

TT00 – Pretty interstellar picture time!

Photo by NASAblueshift Tech Tuesday 07/31/18 - Back In The Saddle Edition


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6 thoughts on “Tech Tuesday 07/31/18 – Back In The Saddle Edition

  1. TT03

    The day we can use solar energy directly (or as an aid) to make water electrolysis an energy efficient process, the world’s energy problems will be over for centuries.

    Go on, University of Campinas (which happens to be a very pleasant city, too)

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  2. I’m struck by how well written TT01 is. I can’t know for sure, of course, but it seems like they did a great job of explaining the science to ordinary people without oversimplifying it or dumbing it down too much.

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