Ordinary Sunday Brunch: Culture Quick Links

Father don’t you recognize your own kin?
It’s been a lifetime, or maybe two
My hair is longer, and my face drawn thin
From years of searchin’ for the truth

We all wander through this shattered old world
Gettin’ more glass in our feet
Leavin’ bloody tracks everywhere we turn
Like a morbid hide-and-go-seek

Two plus two ain’t always four
And sometimes black ends up white
And here’s a million shades of gray in between
When you manage to shed a little light

I’ve been in every patchwork revival tent from here to yon
So brothers don’t you recognize your own kin?
I have returned like a prodigal son – Ballad of the Prodigal Son, Lincoln Durham

When I wrote about first hearing jazz live at Jim Cullum’s The Landing, that’s him and that was the place.

Music Links

[Mu1] Teaching immigrants English by writing an article all about Appalachian music, which was a mashup of all the immigrant’s music that settled there. Has a nice synergy to it, doesn’t it?

[Mu2] Everyone agrees the Music Modernization Act, which deals with music rights and copyright law, will have far ranging impact. That is where the agreement ends…

[Mu3] You probably don’t think of MIT when thinking of music, but with a new course marrying engineering, computer, and music at least one famous composer is impressed.

[Mu4] Music has always been a business disguised as art. For these investors, it’s also seen as a smart business opportunity.

Art Links

[Ar1] Orra White Hitchcock didn’t mean to become an artist, but sketching the studies of her husband produced groundbreaking scientific drawings that were used by others, and have stood the test of time even if credit for them did not.

[Ar2] The Smithsonian is going Virtual Reality with several different forays into merging tech with its extensive art collection.

[Ar3] Intertidal Art Gallery. It’s a first as far as I can tell, and amazing in several ways.

[Ar4] The museum was showing protest art. Then the artist started protesting the museum.

*Video note: Don’t blame us US rednecks for this one, these guys are actually Finnish

History Links

[Hi1] Linen and Bacteria: The Hidden History of Microbiology

[Hi2] The mostly forgotten Elaine massacre, and how it started a series of Supreme Court rulings, specifically on the 14th amendment applying to people of color, that would pave the wave for the later civil rights wins both in and out of court.

[Hi3] “Today’s common drum kit is just 100 years old, even though drums have been around for millenia.”

[Hi4] How cans of black olives in 1919 killed 18 people and changed how food was consumed in America forever.

Food Links

[Fo1] Good. I hate these things, and not just because I have trouble with my hands; rethinking ketchup packets

[Fo2] Chipotle can’t stop having food safety issues, which according to this Quartz article is inevitable

[Fo3] The popularity of food and food culture has the attention of venture capitalists.

[Fo4] Blockchain meets the food chain, or at least the food distribution and supply chain.

Microsoft Windows™ – the waltz

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