John McCain and the “Lakeville Moment”

There’s a lot that one can say about the late Senator John McCain who died today at the age of 81.  Even in his last battle with brain cancer, he was a testament of courage.

But what I want to share is a moment in the 2008 Presidential Campaign. It took place my adopted state of Minnesota in the Twin Cities suburb of Lakeville. It’s been called “The Lakeville Moment.” The crowd gathered painted McCain’s rival for the Presidency, fellow Senator Barack Obama as a person to be fearful.  How he handled the crowd, especially one elderly lady is an example of the ages.


Even then, what he did was out of character with the politics of the time. He defended then-Senator Obama and he also responded to the naked bigotry of a woman with civility.

I’m sad to see McCain go for many reasons, but most of all because he was a reminder that politics can be honorable, something we seem to have forgotten today.

Godspeed, Senator McCain.


Dennis Sanders is the Associate Pastor at First Christian Church (Disciples of Christ) in Minneapolis, MN.  You can follow Dennis through his blogs, The Clockwork Pastor and Big Tent Revue and on Twitter.  Feel free to contact him at dennis.sanders(at)gmail(dot)com.

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2 thoughts on “John McCain and the “Lakeville Moment”

  1. If McCain had one regret, it’s probably that he showed to the GOP leadership that a significant part of their base was excited about reality TV caliber candidates, thus leading us to Trump.

    Letting Palin be in the spotlight of a Presidential Campaign…

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