Being childless, I had kinda figured that the cadence of the year would turn into some variant of “which blankets?” and “how many?” rather than center on the vagaries of the school year. Welp, it’s time for the light and fluffy and easily kicked off. Welp, it’s time for the heavy ones that feel like you’re getting an x-ray at the dentist. And back and forth and back and forth.

And next thing you know, you’re 40.

Well, I kinda got that. Maribou’s schedule jumps around so that we’re on identical schedules during the summer so I pick her up on the way home from work and we can spend our evenings together. And, during the school year, we’re on split schedules which allow her to sleep in somewhat and allow me some time to myself in the evenings (but not *too* much time to myself) before I pick her up from work.

And then it will be time to put two of the light and fluffy and easily kicked off blankets on the bed. And then we will get our hour back from the government. And then it will be time for the big blanket. No, the *BIG* one.

And the cadence pleasantly continues with a handful more interruptions than I thought I’d get.

As for this weekend, it’s the usual. A handful of errands, a handful of chores, and a handful of evenings spent minding the laundry.

So… what’s on your docket?

(Image is “Play” by Clare Briggs. Used with permission of the Briggs estate.)

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4 thoughts on “Weekend!

  1. Not gonna lie: I love the time of year when I can change back to the heavy quilt, or the quilt plus blanket on top of it. I sleep so much better with that weight there. I am sure it’s a lizard-brain thing; the weight of the quilt reminds the primitive part of me of a cave, and I feel safe, whereas summer, when I have only a sheet covering me (i cannot sleep totally out in the open) makes me feel dangerously exposed and all “can’t sleep, sabre-tooths will eat me.”

    My weekend plans depend a lot on the weather. I was wanting to get out of town for a bit as I seem happier in weeks when I have been able to do that, but we’ve been having heavy recurrent rain. If it seems to let up tomorrow I might get out, but I’m not going to drive over our crummy roads (and bridges) with our equally crummy fellow drivers “for fun,” ‘cos that’s how you wind up cursing yourself for getting your car totaled.

    I also will have some grading to do, but grading is eternal during the school year.

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  2. Another football game, and I think I’m going to break out the Halloween decorations. You might say, “It’s too early,” but I’ll be swamped in my semester work soon, so I’m going to do it now. (There have been a few years when I realized it was the middle of October and decided it was too late.) I’m also in the same camp as –the cool weather is a welcome relief from our blazing summers.

    I’ve heard good things about Hereditary so we might watch that tonight.

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  3. We went and saw CRAsians… and enjoyed the fact that it had a happy RomCom ending. On the way home my wife commented that she was expecting an ambiguous ending where, like, they fade to black and next we see them meeting in NYC six years later, she with her dog and he recently divorced, and we’re left to wonder did they, do they, will they? But, good news everybody, they who made the film don’t do that to us (no spoilers… well, sorta-spolier… its not an ironic RomCom).

    Interestingly, going in to the film – based on some light reading – I was expecting something akin to My Big Fat Greek Wedding where cultural hijinx drove the conflict and the laughs but was a little surprised to get Pride and Pedjudice instead. I was expecting something clever and maybe a little subversive (well, subversive of things other than the usual stuff like tradition)… and lest I veer off into the political, let’s just say I was pleased to get a cute RomCom instead.

    Lady Marchmaine and I also thought the Astrid subplot was strange; Astrid was perfect by the very standards the “bad guy” would have valued… the made-up point of conflict only works if Astrid is, well, less perfect. I can see the intellectual point they are trying to make about (Asian) masculinity… but it comes off as a Slate pitch / Atlantic story rather than a believable sub-plot. More tell than show (and the telling isn’t really convincing in light of the showing).

    But hey, a PG13 RomCom that resolves as a comedy, let’s do more of those.

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  4. The strife between L and the woman with two husbands at Exit 117A has ended. No mere armistice, but peace. While L is not socially chasing after them, I’ve been invited to join them for gaming on Sunday afternoon. I will be playing a mortal dentist who believes he’s been abducted by aliens several times over the years. He’s a quiet UFO nut who also collects alleged alien implants from people’s bodies on the down-low in his office after hours. The setting is the NWOD and, supposedly, the GM aims to have player characters transition into some manner of supernaturals.

    Also learned there is a Call of Cthulhu sourcebook where one can play as cats in a Call of Cthulhu game.

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