Linky Friday: An Airing of Grievances


“Poetry is about the grief. Politics is about the grievance.” – Robert Frost

Linky Friday: An Airing of Grievances

[Gr1] Whole Foods has some workers looking to unionize, but the real story is of course Bezos vs the unions, with major implications for Amazon.

[Gr2] “A Litany of Grievances” says the New York Times, as they break down the break down in US-Turkey relations.

[Gr3] Expect to see more of this: health care workers rally, protest, and air their grievances against new owner Tower Health in Pottstown, PA.

[Gr4] The University of Kansas has a study presented that delves into grievance as precursor to extremism and acts of terror.

[Gr5] With 7k employees and “only the superintendent and a few of her designees” this retiring school administrator is advocating for a grievance board to fill the gap.

[Gr6] He has been a culture war touch point, but Colin Kaepernick’s grievance with NFL in court is really a classic labor dispute.

[Gr7] A ten year long battle between a 100 year old volunteer fire department, the paid fire and EMS, and the town they are supposed to be protecting, old grievances are still holding up any hope of a peaceful merger.

[Gr8] While the Washington elite were gathered for the McCain Memorial, President Trump was airing some grievances, including continuing his war of words with Canada.

[Gr9] Stop if you’ve heard this one before: massive, systematic corruption has brought a public outcry, demand for change, and collective amnesia in Brazil.

[Gr10] Speaking of outraged Brazilians, the Brazil National Museum burned to the ground, and just about everyone is outraged and what many saw as a tragedy waiting to happen.

[Gr11] 50 years of anger and activism in Seattle.

[Gr12] What about teaching kids anger management in public schools?

[Gr13] Opinion piece from The New York Times on the anger of rank and file Catholics at the ongoing abuse scandal, and how they should channel that.

[Gr14] Interesting interview: things all angry men have in common. Spoiler alert, feelings of inferiority make an appearance.

[Gr15] The Steven Bannon invite-disinvite fiasco has Sharon Waxman in full blown “I don’t care” mode.

[Gr16] This is probably about right: Expect An Autumn Of Outrage: Both Parties On Offense In Bruising Midterm Campaigns[Gr17]

[Gr18] That would explain a few things: Research indicates that being angry makes you feel smarter than you are.

[Gr19] Next time someone jokes about being “Hangry,” the popular combination of hungry and angry, remember there is some actual science behind it.

[Gr20] It has mostly been debated on economic and political terms, but Brexit has some scientist up in arms also.

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10 thoughts on “Linky Friday: An Airing of Grievances

  1. Gr20: Are there any updates on the effect of Brexit on British science? Have these predictions come true in any way, and do those in power consider that a good thing or just irrelevant at best?

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    • There’s some evidence that the amount of EU research funding going to the UK has started to decline a bit. Also that collaborative projects are starting to shift away from having UK researchers in the lead role. The latter because while the UK could continue to participate in projects funded with pooled EU funds (as do Switzerland and Norway, for example), the UK would no longer be able to participate in the political side of setting funding priorities.

      On the business side of things, there’s a sizeable decision point coming up for many firms at the end of this month — whether to move the destination for 180-day delivery contracts from UK ports to the mainland. A similar but larger decision point near the end of December for 90-day contracts.

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  2. Gr10: The systemic corruption in Brazil – how does an administration overcome that? You can’t just purge it at all levels, and I always get the feeling that if you attempt to purge it a little bit at a time, the remaining corrupt players will do their level best to corrupt the uncorrupted.

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    • You really can’t. There is a great Brazilian miniseries on Netflix called the Mechanism that deals with the epic levels of corruption in Brazil. It is a barely fictionalized version of the real Operation Car Wash. Only the serial numbers are filed off. When nearly every politician across the spectrum and at all levels along with every wealthy non-politician is involved than your in a very bad place.

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  3. The Brazil Museum thing was absolutely awful.

    I don’t even know how to grieve the loss of all of that information (and the data that hadn’t yet been transformed into information).

    We should have a central place that scans *EVERYTHING* and puts that data into a repository somewhere. Like a museum.

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  4. Whole foods: “In the last three years, we have experienced layoffs, job consolidations, reduced labor budgets, poor wage growth, and constantly being asked to do more with less resources and now with less compensation,””

    Gee…I’ll sympathize when they hit five years. My boss got laid off and I had to do his job in addition to mine. I’ve got a director who wants to shove work down to me to offload his load. Bonuses were cancelled for last few years and we got corporate pressure to increase margins, reduce costs, improve efficiency, and the engineers are prima donas.

    cry me a river.

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