I’m blessed with a job that alternates between weeks where I am busy every minute of the day and need to work 10 or 12 hours and weeks where I’m mostly doing research while other people take the work that I’ve done and I’ve got time to breathe. Instead of sending one of the guys on the team to the fast food place to get a to go order, we can all go together and sit down in a restaurant with booths and everything. (Once in a blue moon, we can even go to one of the restaurants with waitstaff and everything.)

This is one of the “busy weeks”. Working in the conference room until 7ish at night and the CEO comes in and tells us to knock it off because he’s going home and he feels guilty. “We’re almost done.” (In our defense, we almost were.) We got the stuff done and handed it in to the next team to do their thing with it now. As such, tomorrow is a half day. Maybe I’ll go in a little late and we can go get lunch at one of those places that has waitstaff and everything.

Which means that tomorrow night starts in the early afternoon and *THAT* means that we can get started on errands and chores and have less to get in the way for Saturday which is a day that will be devoted to *COOKING*. We’re making spaghetti. A friend/co-worker from another division is in town and we’re trying to talk him into moving here. His division is driving him nuts and we could use a guy with his skills in ours. His life has recently had a handful of events that made the thought of moving somewhat more attractive than staying would be and, seriously, he’s really good. So we want to cook for him, play some games, drink some wine, and make him say “yeah, this is better than back there.”

And so, next year, when we have the whole 10 or 12 hour work days, we’ll have him in the room. Good people lighten the load. Have you be surprised that it’s Friday already.

So… what’s on your docket?

(Image is “Play” by Clare Briggs. Used with permission of the Briggs estate.)

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4 thoughts on “Weekend!

  1. This has been a nightmare week for me as well. Lots of grading, having to write a large exam for next week, lots of evening meetings. And tomorrow I don’t even get full respite; am going out to help my research student.

    A lot of times I complain that “this isn’t the life I signed up for.” I had no idea how busy I would be as an adult when I was a kid – I only saw the “freedoms” (such as they are). I suppose that’s how they get you.

    Next week may be less busy, but during the semester, there’s no week I can really say I’m not busy at all.

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  2. Yup, always somewhat busy during a semester. Sunday will be mostly grading for me. Saturday I’ll get to have a little fun playing the 2.0 version of X-wing, so that will be good. Just sleeping in a bit both days will be nice.

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  3. Gearing up to pay the bills, then working 2-10 pm. Currently training 6 student workers (in 8 hour shifts when they work 2 hour shifts, yes that math works out for me how one might imagine it does); they are coming along very nicely.
    Tomorrow hospital, then spaghetti night with Jaybird’s work family (whom I am also fond of, thank goodness).
    Sunday hospital.

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  4. This weekend is the culmination of the self defense lessons a friend and I have been taking…time to put on the gloves and put in the mouth guard. We’re going to put it all together and do some “street fighting”.

    I expect it will hurt some :)

    Next week we start to checking our qualifications for our Belt test.

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