We had a real good run there for a while. Check this out:

He released one book a year for 15 years. (Well, technically there was a two year gap between #14 and #15 but there were two books released in the same year in 2001 so the average books per year for the first fifteen was: One.) The books are really, really enjoyable and fun reads. (Well, the first book is good. The second book is pretty good. The third book is kinda okay. But with the fourth book on, the author hits the “awesome” button and doesn’t stop pushing it.)

We got into this a while back as well, so I won’t rehash stuff I’ve said already (as much as I love to do that). I’ll just say that I recommend the books and, after you plow through the first one, you’re going to be delighted that there will be 14 *MORE* waiting for you.

But then, after those books, you will ask “When is the next one coming out?”

But there is good news. A collection of short stories (short stories that are set between the books in the series) has recently been released (and I didn’t know about it! So it’s new and fresh for me too!) and it came out, looks like, June of this year. The book is called “Brief Cases” and if you’re thirsty for the next Dresden book (as *I* am), you need to pick it up.

I’m not recommending it, as I can’t, as I just learned about it moments after deciding “I should check in on The Dresden Files and see what’s happening”. That said, I will be getting it because *I* am thirsty for the next Dresden book and this is the only game in town. (If you absolutely positively need something RIGHT FREAKING NOW, you can check out Butcher’s AMA from June.)

But I did come across that the next book in the series has been named (though a release date hasn’t been given out yet).

The name of the next book is Peace Talks.

Needless to say: I’m there.

So… what are you reading and or watching?

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7 thoughts on “Sunday!

  1. On the 9th, the new Haruki Murakami comes out, Killing Commendatore. At 700 pages, it promises to be a bit of a read. But alas, I am only 400 out of the 900 pages in 1Q84 (I keep breaking to read ’30’s British mysteries) so I won’t get to it for a bit.

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  2. One of the anomalies in long series where he just keeps getting better as he goes.

    I still gotta finish Skin Games, good to know there’s another in the pipeline.

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  3. On book 4 now; have never read them before. The rules of magic seem not hugely consistent so far but I’m cool with that; the stories are great potboilers, and it’s becoming interesting as the characters begin to accumulate emotional and metaphysical scars.

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  4. I’ve read a few of the Dresdens, and, honestly, they’re not a patch on Vald Taltos. Brust is still writing those, and is up to 15 of a planned 19. Plus there’s the 5 Khaavren books, which are pastiches of Dumas’s Musketeer books, set in Vlad’s past, plus there’s an upcoming Count of Monte Cristo pastiche.

    Also, Dresden never has dialog like “You’d understand if you’d ever irrigated on a Navy canal.”

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